The Mental Pain Of Struggling With Health Issue; How Alone And Deprived Do You Feel?

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The Mental Pain Of Struggling With Health Issue; How Alone And Deprived Do You Feel?

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Challenges aren't easy especially the ones that are involuntary, the ones that comes due the actions of others, the ones that'll nearly define your personality Irrespective of how much you try not to let it. I was telling someone some days ago that I've been sick and they were like "oh why should you get involved in strenuous activities, you know it's bad for you" that's totally definitive and really isn't viable, would have been different had the person said "Goodness me, do take care, be strong and you can overcome" apart from the fact that the second statement is uplifting, it's not depressing, rather is it baselessly sympathetic and that's what we need to do when we're looking for answers to give people who are going through challenges. I accept the fact that people aren't really educated in their thoughts, they're very shallow when ascertaining things. The say things they feel makes senses and not things that really matters and that's why I bemoan every action I take.

In earnest I love to talk but not talk to everyone, sometimes I share my thoughts on steem and what I'll rightly tell my friends around. But I choose to tell steem because steem isn't judgemental, steem listens without talking back, steem is understanding, steem isn't sympathetic, steem is encouraging, a dosage and hope I need each singular day. Talking to people sometimes isn't really encouraging, you end up more encumbered than you originally were and you tend to doubt your abilities by listening to people who you tell your plight and sometimes when I call in sick, maybe I couldn't go to class or indulge in group assignments, I can't tell the professors that I'm calling in sick because I'm sick, and why is this? I perfectly look fine but I'm basically down inside of me and believe me, people hardly believe what they can't see.

Without a doubt, I've tried staying away from people that talks without reasoning, in my current situation I'm surrounded by a lot of immature people and I have to maintain a constant dialogue with them even when they're lose in speech, a little bit inexperienced in their utterances as well as baseless in their perspective and these aren't people you can break down your essence to, else they'll laugh at you, and they'll even joke around with what you might've told them and it turned out I chose the preference of maintaining silence and having to be only ridiculed for being silent alone and nothing else. That said, life can be cruel and the society you live in, determines what aggravate this cruelty. I saw a movie yesterday and even if it meant to be comic I found it didactic because it talks about how people ridicule others because of what they are, how they look like and the things they're not capable of sadly it's a caricature of what happens in life. So I try to stay up to standard do my best and well since I don't have a friend who has the afformentioned qualities that I mentioned above. I try to cope at a level which seems to high for me, just so I don't drag unnecessary attention to myself, but is this really attainable?

In truth, I'm sick and there's no sugarcoating it, this is reality and sometimes when we ask for mental psyche and support people hardly know what it means to be there for someone else who they hardly haven't benefited anything from. Once my friend @raj808 has once posted about his illness too and once as well @tarazkp has talked about his health stances back in the days and well and this really reminds me of the fact that I may be alone in my conundrum, but I'm not really alone the reason I feel so is that I'm surrounded by people who can't raise me to stand on top with them and it sucks having to be have these dreams but the ability to live them seems really unachievable. I didn't ask much of life, but life isn't even giving me that tiny bit I need to boost me and it's shit it all happens all around in life. But what do we do? The pain is there and it's a constant reminder, nevertheless I keep striving to continue.


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