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RE: Psychology Addict # 41 | Leaving the Past Behind

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The courage is all that matters in order to move ahead in whatever difficulty we meet. Sometimes the courage fails us at when we needed it most. I like that George Orwell's quote, that 1984 is a classic. After sitting in our shelves for close to 10 years, one day I got bored and decided to read it after reading Animal Farm and I was hooked :D

Interesting read, I would've asked you do this biweekly, but then I recall making interesting posts takes time :)
Thank you.


Green! 😊

1984 is definitely among my top 10 books. It is a magnificent masterpiece. Orwell's insights about memory, life, fear, hopelessness are stunning. Not to mention his views on social order and hierarchy! 😍

Ow Green, you are so very encouraging. Thank you for suggesting the biweekly posts :*

You take care and have a wonderful weekend!

I got to know the author through the more famous work of Animal Farm. He sure is a master of satire.

The weekend is over and I'm a bit sad that it finished in like a second :)
Here is wishing you an amazing week.

My dear, dear Green :)

How nice to receive a happy week message from you. Thank you so much!

Yes, my first Orwell book was Animal Farm too (another masterpiece).

I wish you a week filled with prosperity and peace :*

Much love to you from Portugal.

I read Animal Farm so many times that I think I can still recite the first sentence of the book even though I last read it like 8 or so years ago.

Mr Jones of the Manor Farm had just locked the hen houses. But was too drunk to remember to shut the popholes.

Or something of that nature as I just typed above from memory :)

The leopard sailed effortlessly, landing noiselessly as if teleguided by the omu nkwu advanced stealthily, eyes sparking in the pitch dark.

I have that crazy habit of somewhat memorising the first sentence of my favorite books. Above was from the opening sentence of a book from a Nigerian author, Chukwuemeka Ike from his book The Bottled Leopard

If you like a good African story with a touch of mystery, magic, culture, and the people's fight for the tradition which clashes with the missionary's religion. Then you'd probably like the book.

Ha! Thank you for the recommendation Green :)

The great author passed away yesterday


Happy New Year from Nigeria :)

✌️ You are welcome.

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