4 Ways Our Subconscious Mind Helps Us Get What We Want

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Edit: I should have titled this "Pain-Free Productivity"


Me and Thora, of Feast for Freedom, on a work-date yesterday.

Solopreneurs and folks who work from home can fall into isolation.

I am pretty reclusive and love solitude, but the occasional company of others is good and refreshing. So I'm glad Thora and I made time yesterday to share our morning together with coffee and conversation. We brought laptops, as our intent was to co-work.

We talked about our personal and professional goals. Our desired futures. It was great. Two strong, single, self-employed, expat anarchists. Very meaningful.

But in the wee hours yesterday morning, way before the Sun was up, I was up.

And I noticed that I wasn't doing my deeds alone. I think because it was so dark and quiet, I could hear and sense much more, than at busier times of day.

So when I say I wasn't deeding alone, I mean that as I went from one act, (eg drink some ACV), to another (eg start draft Steemit post), to yet another (ask Alfredo about location of steep hill)... I was aware that each deed/task had a positive impact on a goal/desire.


I have no idea how people can find frictionless states boring. Ha! I think they're sublime.

No drama or sabotage.

Instead, flow and productivity.

It wasn't happening on my own, though.

Because I've been having pro-active dialogue with my subconscious mind, I often feel a team of help, or circle of support.

Smart, creative assistants remind me to do X, because they know of my desire for Y.

Or they inspire me to do F, because they know that G has need of it, and fulfillment of that thing would bring us both happiness.

Powerful and pleasant orchestration that is interested in your highest possible outcome, because it rides along-side you for life. Vested. This is your subconscious mind.

It is smarter, stronger and more humble than your conscious mind. Tell IT what you want. Tell the truth. Ask it to help and support you in ______________, then get out of the way.

These are 4 (of 1,004) super cool gifts our subconscious mind offers us every day:

1. Perspective.

Like a drone, our subconscious mind CAN GO WAY UP, and see much more than the conscious mind. From that ascended viewpoint, my subconscious mind reminds me to be at peace, and to work from peace... as in "be in a peaceful state before setting hands to work." Yes, really. I am metabolizing this.

2. Pick.

Something will pre-occupy us. Something will fill our mind with thoughts, and our heart with desires. WHO will do this filling and programming? Advertisers, celebrities, your mother, your ex? Or YOU, sovereign being? Use the offered assistance of your savvy subconscious mind, which already knows what you hold most dear, even if your conscious mind does not. So be sure to get its involvement in picking those things that occupy you.

3. Prioritize.

Meet with yourself FIRST. This is especially important for empaths, who can be pulled by the wants and needs of others. If you don't anchor your focus and energy, someone else will. If you're ever unsure of your next steps, just think about how you want to feel. Start with that. If you're unhappy at work, or in your relationship... close your eyes... and feel the way it is that you really WANT to feel. Don't worry about details. Just let that DESIRED FELT STATE fill you up. Take a "pic" of that felt state. Give that pic to your subconscious mind. Live your life as normal. But pay attention, because life will start responding. Don't miss your special deliveries because of zombie games. Unless, of course, it's zombie games that you want! All good. No judgment.

4. Plot/Plan.

Creative flow needs a plot/plan, to NOT GO ADRIFT. The subconscious mind blends a higher perspective, your deepest desire and THE MOST EFFICIENT WAY to connect it all... in the form of your to do list. Your steps become ordered to bring about your best version of yourself!

Your subconscious mind is a goal machine. Or itcan be a goal machine. Program it to build and hold momentum for you. Program it to perpetually look out for things that will advance your growth, healing and success. Cultivate the most important friendship you could ever have. Befriend, and get in complete agreement with yourself.

Years ago, I got obsessed with unifying my life. Within myself, I declared that my relationships, my living environment, my making and spending of money, my actions, my conversations, my presence... would all AGREE. I would be a whole and congruent person. Not fragmented from one life-sphere (eg work) to another life-sphere (eg spirituality).

Friendship with your subconscious mind, exposes losing/hurting behavior, and guides you to winning/healing behavior. Just program it to do so!

That's what meditation is ;-)

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I love your content thanks for sharing a wonderful guide to integration =)

I am bookmarking this to read over and over. Item 3 inspired a breakthrough I have been struggling with for weeks. Thank you, friend.

Wow.... This is awesome and I must confess it's beautiful especially your number 3 & 4 points. Very very impactful


You are welcome dear

Thanks for this post @erikaharis . Rea;ity follow your imagiination.. you attract what you always think about.. what an aawesome post buddy.


:-) 'Preciate it, @samest.

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Lovely content. And needed I am in a kina of limbo at the moment an not ground. I am struggling to do my practices ie Yoga, Reiki and meditation. I need to enact some of this. Thanks