Self-Education: The Benefits And The Freedom

Self-education is an important habit to foster in life because it contributes to pushing us forward to achieving new heights in both our professional and personal lives. Self-education is a habit that can promote increased productivity and ignite a passion that pushes you to want to achieve something new or more.

An investment in education is never going to be a mistake, as it can eventually produce a reward in the long-term, as well as in the short-term. And you never know what information might help down the road to inspire a new business venture, or promote a lucrative change in life.

Self-education also helps to promote confidence and this helps us to take on the various challenges that life throws our way. It also helps us to get along with people better, having healthier relationships, and eases the nerves when it comes to meeting people for the first time or perhaps undergoing an interview in the business world.

Investing in self-education is a great way to keep your mind sharp and it doesn't take much time, effort, or money. Thanks to the internet and a variety of free sources available online, there is plenty of learning out there for you to do. There is always something new to discover and many tools out there that can help you to push forward to continually try and learn new things.

These days there are a number of places that you can go to seek out new content that you want to learn about online. There are a number of prominent Universities who even offer free courses online.

There are thousands of academic journals to read through, endless documentaries and investigative news reports, as well as a variety of other content that pretty much covers anything and everything you could ever think to want to learn about. You'll no doubt find something about it already on the internet.

When we formally graduate from high school or university, that doesn't mean that our education is over, we can still continue learning new things for the rest of our lives. But many people commonly think of their education and learning as being over once they are out of school.

There are much richer environments out in the world, that afford individuals the ability to learn new skills and information, that isn't delivered to them in any restricted manner like most information is that's served in a school classroom.

Self-education helps to foster self-determination; individuals have the right to choose for themselves. Self-determination stems from self-ownership and with the right to self-determination comes the right to live your life however you want so long as you aren't initiating violence against anyone else or their property. Self-education promotes self-determination and therefore helps to promote freedom.

Saleem Sufi


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This post is an excellent reminder to some and invaluable encouragement to others.

I have a wealth of knowledge under my belt from all areas of science to history, law, mathematics, art and literature and I seek to expose myself constantly to new information. I have understood for some time that all I require to learn anything is a dictionary or two and who/what/where/when/why/how (in that order) to come to my own conclusions from the information I happen across or any subject which I am interested in.

Besides knowledge and even indirectly through knowledge I acquired a plethora of skills, some picked up from simply making friends based on my self-knowledge and others from understanding that with my own two hands I am capable of doing anything anybody else has done with their hands, and nothing is stopping anybody from excelling at something they have passion or interest for.

The self limiting/self defeating mentality subtly imposed in our formative years by the rhetoric of specialized professions and professors is the only obstacle to overcome for most. Others have it more difficult but as they say, the harder the fight the sweeter the victory so never let your ego play you in the I can't mind frame.

What is considered education is simply compartmentalized cattle/heard/indoctrination, a villainous excuse for school/education which only seeks to bend us to authority and makes us not question and therefore not reason (why). As it is focused on creating compliance to follow orders by instilling discipline at all costs, and all under the guise of learning how to socialize while calling it education, and not socialization it wedges kids into classes. When we are told what to think and not how to think we are imposed into a constant alienation as our nature is one of curiosity and question, where as the educators simply doll out tasks for what to think. At the same time the elite's kids are safely away from this social engineering. This indoctrination system is aimed directly to create obedient/docile workforce and professionals who cannot grasp logic(why) because they are focused solely on rhetoric(how) and grammar(who/what/where/when) apart from reason(why) and this further divides the masses into the timeless slavery of class warfare. This has played into the hands of those at the top for millennia.
In closing, only through self-education can we prime ourselves to self-actualization, and only when every woman, man and child is free can we call ourselves free, so don't ever stop questioning and wondering, we can, we will.

I was going to pull a favorite quote out from that, but would've had to quote the entire second-to-last paragraph. Very well stated, sir.

I was home schooled K-10 then completed my last 2 years at community college. So, although I attended school dances and sporting events for social purposes, I missed out entirely on going through the traditional indoctrination experience. When I was younger, I was certain that I was missing out on "real" education, and that I would never be in equal academic standing with my peers who attended "real" school. ...This has not even remotely been the case.

Over the years I've realized that few, if any, of the people I know who went through public school are capable of teaching themselves something (when all necessary resources are available) because they don't know how to learn, or how to think critically--only how to memorize and repeat.

How has this manifested in various sectors of society? How about the Medical professions? Is it beneficial to humanity or to the pharmaceutical companies that Doctors commit to heart rhetoric that isn't founded in correct Grammer and/or Logic? Does it serve actual human health, or a corporate bottom line? (alarming how many patients won't consider this error against their caregiver's good intentions).

Governments have no business being involved with education. Because it leads us to exactly where we are now (and we still can't learn from our mistake).

Yes, if you follow my comments you can see where I've challenged a few to provide evidence of vaccine efficacy and when I provide them with the study from 2014 outlining how the mechanism for building immunity through antibodies is impossible to predict they cannot even entertain the information, even whenI outline it. They fall victim to cognitive dissonance and I've even used sources they provided to show how vaccines cannot account for decrease in morbidity or mortality, and won't acknowledge that even.

We have a difficult task of making people simply consider facts, we cannot even rely on people to form their own conclusions because they have always been told what to think, what to conclude, and so will fight to hang onto that handed out or implied conclusion instead of questioning it to know why and how it's true.

If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself!


That was a good read. I love the message about self-education leading to freedom. Nice job!

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If the course you want isn't under $50 check back soon there are sales going on all the time. I have taken 4 courses for $15 each and normally they are $150+.

Nice. There's also, which lets you take University courses for free and only pay if you want your work to be certified for credit.

Great post! Thanks.

We are here to expand not to imitate.

Interesting article! I absolutely agree with every words that describe in this articles, especially the statement : "I am still learning".

Thank you very much for sharing. It's very useful information! :)

I love this post. I my self is a self learning type of person..,., you don't have to go to school to learn,.,.all they do is give you a book and make you study it,.,keep up the good work,.,btw can you follow me thank you

already following!

When I was young, I thought there was something wrong with me for wanting to learn things on my own and not fitting into the school system. I later discovered there were others like myself.
(Some very successful whom I admired.) As the internet grew in popularity and functionality, it was like a whole new world of information, of new and interesting connection and perspectives opened up to me.

I try not to forget how incredible the time we live in truly is.
Even with all of the darkness in the world.

  • To paraphrase the famous autodidact and film director,
    Stanley​ Kubrick: "The world is indifferent, we must supply our own light."

I had a very similar experience in my school years and in my ongoing self-education. The Internet has changed the human species in ways we can't even comprehend yet. For the better. The darkness you mention will be turned to light in due time.

I've found that combining the availability of information online with a method of learning called The Trivium Method to help my own self-education efforts greatly. Thanks for another mentally stimulating read.

Ahhh, yes. The Trivium is key!

Self-teaching is definitely invaluable. It isn't impossible by any means. I do feel as though you have to be a "certain type of person," that possesses a true ambition to learn whatever it is you're seeking to learn.

The main pitfall I see with self-teaching is a lot of people get discouraged by the nonexistence of instant gratification that a lot of people have grown accustomed to these days.

As long as you breathe, you will NOT be done learning; PERIOD.

Another key to teaching yourself is to learn to enjoy learning. Look at it as "I am getting way more fucking powerful by learning this shit, this is awesome. I have the internet! I can and will learn anything that I want!!!" But what do you learn? What's your goal? Are you trying to get a job? Hone some already possessed skills? Are you simply curious? I feel like people need to acknowledge that question before they set out to adopt a new skill of better an already existing one.

I'm self-taught in, well, nearly everything that I do. If I want to know something, no one is going to put it into my brain except me. I have to seek that knowledge and make a true effort to adopt it. My best tip is to, in this order:

  1. Read . . . A LOT!

  2. Try to demonstrate what you've just read about. Put it into practice on your own time.

  3. Make it a hobby, talk about it with like-minded people. (you can find them, you have the internet!).

  4. (important step!!!) Try to teach it to someone. If you can't teach it, you don't understand or know it yet. Through consciously trying to teach someone what you're currently trying to learn, you will inevitably be confronted by your areas where you're falling short. When you acknowledge those areas, you can address them, but you have to be honest with yourself and realize that you're going to fail . . . a lot! And that's ok, because failure is a learning opportunity.

Power to the people! Feed yo' brainz, y'all!

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