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RE: Psychology Addict # 41 | Leaving the Past Behind

in #psychology2 years ago

hello my friend @abigail-dantes good the truth if I have stopped to think about my improved future, one full of success keeping my super family but with a better venezuela and where obtaining a university degree will help me progress in a professional way, my future and I imagine that of my family very full of goals achieved. Greetings my friend and thanks for your publicacones.


@abigail-dantes Sorry, that was a warning to the guy who told you about the vote there. I just read the comment I'm sorry.


This is REALLY not nice to look at @mythologyupvote.

Let's hope none of your readers is an epileptic...!

There are two who are 😕
They are the only reason why I bothered to comment on this visual pollution!

I appreciate your apology very much. Thank you :)
Have a nice day.

Excellent @derekdamian.

You have described a beautiful future for you and your family. Now it is all about taking action to have this envisioned future materialized :)

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