Physician Assisted Suicide for Mental Illness #endthestigma

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"I actually think that if someone has suffered so many years of abuse by her family and then by the medical Field and the mental Health field he/she has the right to Choose euthanasia if they believe there is no hope for remission or cure. People can not afford your costs— or Doctor after doctor— label After label– medication — being someone’s chemistry experiment or an intriguing case to a therapist… No… More abuse… Let him or her have control… Peace… Let him or her win FINALLY!!!"

The above is a quote from the comments section on a site I visited. Whoever left that comment, I totally agree with particularly in reference to (lack of) mental healthcare, which I believe is a problem worldwide and really bad in the US.

If I had a dollar for everytime I heard, "Well, you look fine...." I'd be rich. The stupidity of the general public still astounds me! Like there is legitimate medical literature and testing to back up the fact that depression is REAL! Scans of those with bipolar disorder look different from "normal" scans.

Interestingly, many mentally ill people are incredibly intelligent but LACK OF LOVE from friends/ family/ loved ones, general social support, and poor outreach from the medical communinity has placed these individuals at extreme disadvantage for normal, everyday societal function and livelihood.

If you're clinically depressed, it's not a "case of the blues" no, you need to be medicated or in therapy. I have had both. The counseling I really felt like the quote above and the counselor thinking, "cool my three o'clock" crazy bitch is back again." While I do think many counselors do care and try to help their patients, many don't. They'll have you in there for months TALKING and no closer to a resolution than the day you went in. The psychiatrists from what I've seen do NOT read the counselors notes to ascertain a better medication regime.

Instead it's just like:
Psychiatrist: meds working?
You: yea...then you're ushered out with a new script
You: no they aren't ...
Psychiatrist: you suicidal???? I can't let you leave here!
Of course whether you are or not you generally say no because they can lock you up in a psych ward for saying that!

I've said "no" before to only get a barrage of questions about all my steak knives, nerf guns, and recent purchases of razor blades. Okay, I slightly embellished that but you get it.

Somedays I'm "okay" but still in pain. PTSD doesn't help that. At what point do I quit being treated like a chemistry experiment and get real care?

Isolation tanks should be a prescribed treatment option. Complete sensory shutoff for therapeutic reasons. An alternative to addictive anxiety medications. I haven't done one yet but want to.

I hope in my lifetimesome real thought towards suffering individuals regardless of "how they look" will take place.

I've known people going through electric convulsion therapy (ECT) & were no better. Those of us suffering aren't lazy; we just need help. It's hard to hold down a job when you're mentally ill. If nothing can cure us, why should we be prohibited from a comfortable hospital bed where a caring physician administers a nice cocktail of bye-bye drugs?

Physician assisted suicides shouldn't just be only reserved for the terminally ill with less than six months to live. It should be an option to treatment resistant mentally ill people.

Apprently in Belgium it is easier to get a physician to help you with severe untreatable depression. But in the states no. I read one report where even the terminally ill had to sign something , wait 20 days and if they still wanted it, they got it. You're TERMINALLY ill and then the best palliative care isn't going to change that but you have to wait 20 more days.

Thoughts? I'm sure this is a highly debated issue. I wonder what laws will be passed in the future to help untreatable mentally ill people? Would love to hear from you. Drop a comment below. Be a part of the conversation!

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It's funny and sad how we approach life and mental health here in the USA.

Washington state does have a "Death with dignity" program, but it's back to the "limited time to live" clause.

The bothersome thing — in a broader sense — is that we are horrified by this idea that someone might want to end their own life... and in the next breath, we are perfectly OK with someone shooting an intruder dead because they are stealing a stereo out of an apartment.

That's not a statement about guns, but about our mixed up sense of where and when life "matters" and when it "doesn't matter."



Excellent points. Considering death is a part of life, if someone wishes to end their life the request should be handled medically and with dignity. You're right it's super hypocritical that we can kill someone breaking in our home but, someone who's life is miserable and medically untreatable has no rights. Many of the drugs are simply short lived solutions that require increased dosages and cause dependence over time. Counseling is hit or miss. I know there's probably some very caring counselors out there but you're just entertaining most of them. Been my case anyway. Nothing worse than being unheard

I have argued this too. There needs to be hospice for mental illness. <3

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That's a thought. Or a life coach, something.....

So sad, isn't it?
So far, none of their options seem to be of much use - and as a mother, there are reasons to not let doctors know when I might be struggling...


I have written about my personal stance on being "childfree" for multiple reasons but mostly because i didn't want pregnancy hormones impacting my already damaged psyche and possibly harming the child in some way. On the other hand i've often wondered if i had a kid or two would it make me better? I obviously have no clue but considering i'm single, we wont be finding that out too soon.

But I think you should at least talk to someone whether a close confidante, or as i said I am sure there are some good therapists out there. Hell, you could even talk to me! I could be your "unbiased third party" we all need it sometimez at least!

Be well!


Pregnancy hormones are a bit of an odd ball anyway, impossible to predict in advance how they will affect a person. I'm not convinced that other emotional issues are overly related to ones related to motherhood either. There are obviously many issues there - some related, some not so related.

I usually end up talking to someone though - now, I have a husband who has also struggled, so it helps. The usual people aren't particularly helpful though - I've generally had to be my own doctor on so many things...

Anyway, you know where my Discord is. :-)
Chat whenever.

Finally back on Steemit 😋😁
Have a wonderful day

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Ha, i started back up a few days ago my poor mom and spouse had their home destroyed by a tornado. I was inspired then.
Good to be back hope you're doing well. I'll. Have to catch up on your blog soon :)


Ohh, sorry to hear...

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I think you bring up controversial and divisive points. For a March 8 kinda day, I applause you!


Mucho gracious! :)

I came here browing @zanoni's backlog and I have to say: I'm unsure!
I have to deal with medium grade depression (as it is called in Germany) myself and I feel I have gotten better and worse at the same time.
I was in a hospital in 2017 and they let me go after 6 weeks even though I insisted I would have rather stayed longer. I was told to seek help from a psychotherapist and a weekly support giver. After a year of both I'm unhappy with either. (I was prescribed 12 sessions with the psychotherapist and I did not even use them all so far, although the prescription was given in May or June.)

Actually, it's a small step from "killing terminally ill" to euthanasia. :/
Maybe in half a century there will be no newborns with chromosome triplets, congenital diseases, hereditary diseases and so on ... who knows?
However, we have to keep room for those kids and adults still. Because most of them want to live.
It's not easy to have both in legislation actually. That's the real issue.

Very touchy subject.. Its hard to say. First off couldn't you build an isolation area. Buy the insulation and the foam stuff. Perhaps in your closet. Safe place that drowns out all the noise. And then the main issue.... pain is something I live with every moment of my life. When it gets bad, sometimes I've wished I could just be gone, not because I ever want to die but because it really does get so hard to bear. With that is physiological problems. But I atleast have a valid reason to be feeling as such. Mental illness is in the brain. No one can imagine or know the hell they are in, feel. See, Hear; I think if the person was just completely utterly miserable and no treatment can be found. Could we stop them? I mean, with or with out a person who wants to go will. It just would be nice if they had a place too. I imagine they are allowing this not because they care but a way to harvest organs. Its sad... you cant help but wonder if they do it on purpose.

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