Grounding - What it is And How it Can Help You

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Ever heard of grounding? It's okay, for a long time I didn't understand it or really even care. Also, my header photo from pexel isn't entirely accurate of grounding, as one doesn't need to lie on the ground to engage in "grounding", and was slight click bait {sorry} but, the contents of this post can really help you. =)

Suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, ptsd? Many of us do. I am "lucky" and struggle from all of them to include some some slight OCD. However, learning grounding techniques helps me to avoid disassociative states of mind. You can think of dissaciation as a traumatized or formerly traumatized person "spacing out," put simply.

We need to stay "grounded" to the present for maximal mental health. Oftentimes, we find ourselves in a state of panic and anxiety yet, we are SAFE. If you are panicking first consider your safety and location. If you aren't somewhere safe where you can sit, relocate yourself to one.

That's where grounding comes in. Realize your safe environment and engage at least 3/5 senses. As a review those senses are taste, smell, sight, sound, touch.

Many people use "worry stones" or some other similar small stone to engage touch. You can gaze upon the stone or another pleasant sight for your second engagement of sense. Finally, some chose hard candies to engage that last sense. Music that is calming to you works as well. Or a pleasant smelling candle or essential oil.

The point is to find something that engages at least 3 of the 5 senses and focus on that. It gives power back to you when you may feel otherwise powerless. Engage in grounding until you feel safe and in control of the moment. This may take just a couple minutes or 30 minutes. Do what works best for you.

For review, the five senses are shown below in this clever image by pixabay.

I hope this blog can help. Have you ever practiced grounding? Did it help? Any other clever suggestions to engage our senses? As always, love hearing from my readers!

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When I first saw the image and title I thought your post was going to be about earth grounding, another interesting subject. Yours definitely is a good read, @Chelsea88!

I heard the following type of distraction works for many:

Pick a color. Look around to see how many different things in shades of the color you can find. If you're still feeling stressed, chose a different color and repeat.

Another thing I saw was to name off things for each category in your image. Start with 5 and work backwards, looking around you, to name off:
5 things you see
4 things you feel
3 things you hear
2 things you see
1 thing you taste
(always a good idea to keep something stocked you enjoy the taste of!)😀

Hope your week is going well!
Take care!

Great response and some good advice i will definitely be taking advantage of!

Such an interesting read and grounding is somehting I haven't thought about much, but as for youch, I do have a couple of fidget thingies that I play with often and drive people nuts with the clicking without thinking about it LOL

Yeah i haven't really gotten into fidget spinners if that's what you mean
But that's why im a 32 year old adult with play dough in various places in my home. :)

I used to always be playign with things on my desk, and tapping pens of things like that for the most part Fidget Spinners ( and thanks I had forgotten the name of them) are quieter LOL, I have two on my desk here at home, one onthe desk at work and one on my key ring LOL i guess I am obsessed with them

Ha! Whatever works. I like play dough for that reason just play with it

LIke you say were all different so whatever works for the individual is always the best :)

I’ve explored stimulating our senses to make art in my class: The Mindful Artist, it really does wonders!
I have missed your health and wellness posts, so happy to see this one!

Thanks, i just wrote one on being an uber driver. But its certainly not helping my health and wellness :/