Part 3 - The Philosophy of Existentialism: II - Fascism, and Existentialism

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The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism, and Decentralism.
Part 3 - The Philosophy of Existentialism:
II - Fascism, and Existentialism
"Fascism is intolerance, fear, hate, and rejection" - charlie777pt

1- Introduction

In this post's introduction, I will continue to show the historic framework of Existentialism and in the second part, I will be lost again in considerations about the political ambiance of our era and the resurrection of existentialism and liberation philosophies like anarchism, and today the blockchain decentralization, as the first practical concepts of a social-technological philosophy tool to create a world based on individual freedom, as well as the first possible communication system, that makes anarchy a practical realizable utopia.

Existentialism belongs to the group of the so-called Continental Philosophy, a name given by the Analytic Philosophy, to get rid of the undesirable emerging theories like Phenomenology, Nihilism, Absurdism and Post-Modernism, that contradicted the rational points of view about reality and people.

Philosophy since its inception has focused on the plague of the human condition, that there’s no intrinsic meaning in our selves, life, and the universe, but the philosophers try to formulate some kind of answers in regard to this belief and this nonsense world.

  • Existentialists believe in self-awareness to exercise free will with the responsibility for their actions, and that we must try to build our own meaning for life.
  • Phenomenology emphasizes the aspects of self-consciousness and responsibility for our actions, and for the comprehension of our own Self.
  • Nihilists go deeper denying any meaning for life, and that it is impossible to find a model to make it mean.
  • Absurdists admit the search for meaning in life, by opposing our present lack of meaning, and that we must accept this constraint and at the same time rebel against it, in the line of Camus' thought.
  • Postmodernism, arises in the second half of the 20th century, after the Modern Era, as a movement around, literary criticism, philosophy, arts, cinema, architecture, and about the subjects of culture, identity, history, narrative, written word and language.

These movements had in common the search of self-identity and self-definition and the quest of the meaning and sense of life.

"I begin to know myself. I do not exist" - Fernando Pessoa in Poetry of Álvaro Campos

2 - Is Existentialism a Gun against Fascism?

Albert Camus, in his book The Plague, that is a metaphor of this disease as the the Nazi Occupation of France, and it is a living warning about fascism as a dormant volcano, is always waiting to burst and burn the blinded crowd acclaiming it in a devotion of voluntary servilism.

"Fascism is capitalism plus murder. - Upton Sinclair

This Plague is never dead, and waits for the right historical moments to plant bacteria of alienation, isolation, ostracization, and stigmatization, that are the fascist arguments that lead to the breaking of social bonds and solidarity between people.

The younger generations are not aware of the dangers of fascism, and that it was always in hibernation, waiting for the social conditions of social uncertainty and unrest emerge, to consolidate and fulfill the void in the crisis of values, normally using a violent non-democratic assault to power, led by autocratic and megalomaniac power-freak politicians.

I will continue this post with parts of my answer on an excellent commentary as always, from our friend @matheusggr that has given me some material for a reflection on the current state of political demagogy of our "civilized" world, and that I would like to share here because to me it seems important to report an existentialist introspection about our actual vision of Reality.

"Fascism is not defined by the number of its victims, but by the way it kills them." - Jean-Paul Sartre

I have never felt so eminently the approach of a new Dark Age, similar to that which grew before the birth of the Third Reich, the same sensation of the emergence of fascism in its political populist form, which forms the ambience of political extremities, which precede collapses economic and / or social values ​​and that in each century of our history has fallen in world wars.
In 1932, fascism began to consolidate in Europe, and later originated the deprivation of individual liberties in Europe invaded by the Nazis, and occupied France is a determining cause for the birth in the post-war era, of the forces that forged the emergence of existentialism, and it is not strange the fact that many existentialists were members of the Resistance during the last world conflict.

"Fascism was a counter-revolution against a revolution that never took place." - Ignazio Silone

As Sartre would say, "The dice are rolling" and the political horizon of the future is being marked by the resurgence of the fascist discourse, racism, and xenophobia, with a narrative of hatred and fear of the other that is different, and escapes the uniformity imposed by the power, for its self-justification and consolidation of the dominant social order of the privileged classes.
The Western civilization with its Jewish-Christian bourgeois bases is trying to return to its mythic effulgence, regressing to cachectic values, using the argument of ostracization and stigmatization of all that differentiates, with exalted nationalisms of the glory of a past impossible to restore.

We live a society under pressure with increasing anxiety about the uncertainty of the future, the life expectancy of people in the US is declining, and women entering the labor market are missing the difference of another 10 years they had in relation to men, and the only answer that society teaches is that the best answers have always been consumerism, drug /alcohol /food intake and other addictions to deal with this shaky and uncertain world.
The use of violence by the system, as the last argument, may lead to the uprising as the only answer, but which may end up exterminated and with a total reinforcement of power.

We have to create conditions that will reverse the imminent danger, and observe the signs and manifestations already visible, as a result of the autist governments, which have no logical and rational solutions to this illogical and self-consuming system they have created, and that attempt to play the "low game" of manipulating collective emotions, creating false foes like scapegoats, that are sacrificed in the name of hatred and blood as the consolidation of total authority.

“The real question is: who has the responsibility to uphold human rights? The answer to that is: everyone.” - Madeleine K. Albright in Fascism: A Warning

3 - Fascism and historical conditions

I am afraid that the Yellow Vests movement can be used as a scapegoat to serve as justification for the dictators who appear and say that they end up in uncertainty and political or economic instability, if they are given extreme powers to exterminate the "terrorists" or any dissonant voice that expresses the truth, they can restore social stability.

In Portugal this was the configuration of total political, social and economic instability, with fratricidal wars until the 1930s, which allowed the consolidation of the "New State" (Estado Novo), because Salazar appears and says that if given full power he achieves political and social stability.
He succeeds in being elected, and the result has been 50 years of anti-multinational bucolic fascism, which has led to social stagnation and the death of education, which becomes information imposed by mass propaganda, the persecution and political elimination of discordant voices, including indiscriminate executions by the political police - from which I read all the archives and processes for four and a half years - and that gave me a completely different view of how power works in society.

"What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or in the holy name of liberty or democracy." - Mahatma Gandhi

Brazil has just revealed this phenomenon live because Western civilization cannot separate from American domination, which has devastated South America with permanent instability, which forced the emergence of discordant voices.
The passage of the Brazilian arms law shows the first signs of the many American lobbies that always distort Brazil's political course, and that one day can be shattered like Venezuela or Syria is today.

The fascist discourse with its extremism attacks the social state and welfare, in the name of privatizations and the pseudo-deregulation of economic neo-liberalism, which only benefits the brotherhood and current immunity of politicians and big capital, which calls into question true liberalism and human rights.

These sources of justified discord, are either eliminated by political coups and counter-coups in the United States, or else they follow the path of "castrization" (Cuba), in which a country to survive becomes a closed system with tyrannical leadership as a defense against forced imposition or invasion, but which inevitably brings the suffering and sacrifice of the populations that try to resist hegemonic domination.

"fascism merely seems a useless attempt at regression" - Herman Hesse

But in any case, these enforced dictators are heroes of the most maliciously installed resistance to power in the world - the hegemony of the United States- that continues to create death, wars, brothers who kill each other in nations divided by extremes, always generating the inevitable scars of bloodshed, and crippled minds and bodies in both oponents.
Nowadays it is already possible to know the facts and constant actions of destabilization that constitute the history of South America, like Brazil in 1968, and in the World, that can not get rid of this leech of the human spirit and cultural freedom, but first people have to decondition this whole Americanized mind of a war machine and propaganda in the name of a gagged freedom.

The American politicians through the"Deep state", will continue their incessant search for places outside their country, like cowboys to exterminate the Indians and make buffalo carnage because they come with imposed rules and do not trade or understand other civilizations, with their unconscious desire is to shed blood, and show his superiority and supremacy through extreme violence by the objectification and diabolization of an imaginary enemy that never existed in the beginning.

"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power"- Benito Mussolini

Of course, there are new imperialisms lurking to place themselves in the same position of supremacy of the rich countries, over the poor, that are their theaters of war businesses, and at the same time with the aim of stealing all their natural resources, leaving traces of blood and total ecological disasters.
There is a wave of authoritarianism spreading all over the planet because people in their blind desperation believe in the power's narrative and their repressive apparatus, and the glory that the "old social order" will be restored.

“Before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality to their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of Man who can fabricate it.” - Hannah Arendt in The Origins of Totalitarianism

The Education, that has always been considered by me as the most radical weapon that can empower people, to find solutions in peaceful ways.
The survival of the species will depend on people learning how to think in a medium in which they are submerged by useless or false information and education with millionaire costs, without practical applicability that makes possible its liquidation
The "psychic economy" will therefore be one of the most important factors to survive in the future, creating self-monitoring filters, that do not contaminate and distort our education and knowledge of ourselves and the World, deforming our personal values, because society only provides fragmented and excessive information-garbage, in order to prevent our awareness, self-determination and to limit our freedom of choice.

For the 10th consecutive weekend in Paris, The Yellow Vest is one of the first vague of semi-conscious awareness, that the actual political arena, only supply mirages in the desert of solutions and only people independent for the system institutions and Parties, can really find some solutions by change the actual pseudo-democratic lobbied system, by the People's Referendum System.

Well, this post was not programmed, and I have diverted my thread of thought due to the current feel of the clouds of consolidation of the political populism that precedes fascism, that the ruling class is implementing, using the last resort to control the desperate masses with police-soldiers armed to the teeth to kill the rebel insurrection, dealing with them as terrorists in a war zone.
I'll try not to lose my head in the next post, and go back in line to the meaning of nonsense in Existentialism.
And to finish, let's meditate on this:

"The strategic adversary is fascism... the fascism in us all, in our heads and in our everyday behavior, the fascism that causes us to love power, to desire the very thing that dominates and exploits us." - Michel Foucault

The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism, and Decentralism.
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Great article as expected.

"responsibility for one's actions" under the Point "existentialism rings very true to me. We know that already, yes, but yet I am again and again surprised at how illogical human logic is. Of course we all have displayed Human logic at some point in our lives, so there is no need to talk from my part as if I have never applied such consciousness, but by growing and wanting to "get one's house in order", hence shifting away from the Human mindset, we gradually realise how outlandish a type of logic this really is. Responsibility takes shape in many forms but one of the most real and raw forms of what responsibility should be like in last instance is emotional responsbility, from my experience. No matter how mature most people think they are based on certain aspects, one of the most common tendencies I notice with most people is that they blindly treat people in ways they detest to be treated like themselves, irrespective of whether they have experienced for themselves how being treated in certain ways feels or not. Many people hate it when indviduals build groups to harrass a single person, especially when they have experienced for themselves, but still they engage themselves in group building to lambaste other single people while instead there should be a very vivid memory how that feels like, hence should be a no-go. The most popular method seems to be then to simply forget and never disinter that past trauma. There is virtually zero growth drawn from that experience. The world is in a state where the term "ethics" or "moral" sounds like ridiculous concepts to most people, owing to an attitude that "one day we will die anyway, so why bother?"

This is also why many people fear "death", because after avoiding the emotional work for the entire life, there is no way but to confront it once leaving the body. This is where facing oneself will become inevitable.

Thanks for having gotten "lost" in your considerations ;)

Responsibility seems to be the kicks reality gives back from our actions, like a retro-action that gives us some kind of sense of right and wrong.
Every wrong thing we made always come back to haunt us for life like a non-being (not based in love or spirit) while our "being" give back the White Light of self-recognition and cosmic fulfillment.
"House in Order" is a degree of self-knowledge to reduce anxiety, until we discover that it resides in the denial of remembering what was traumatic to us, done by our educators (mother, father, teachers, bullies, etc.) and because we are not conscious of it we keep repeating it.
One of the best things we can do in our life is trying to remember everything we felt as bad actions made to us, and eternally keep it in our consciousness, like some kind of head police that is vigilant so that we don't repeat those patterns in the people of our life ( kids, relatives, and friends).
The worst bullies and the ones that have been more bullied (by parents or school) - the theory of envy of Freud - When you submit to power, your dream is to have the same power to do it worst.
This is not applied to everybody, because sensitive people suffer pressure and pain, but their human compassion, stop the pattern by understanding why the others were bullying.
(A bully is always very afraid and he wants to create fear, and he is a sadistic reflecting an authoritarian or a punishing mother or father.)
Self-comprehension and consequently of the others is the best self-healing of our spiritual life.
Some people die in peace because they have dug and accepted themselves, and some are restlessly showing the exact behaviors of the parents around them before they were 3 years old because they couldn't get rid of them.
Aldous Huxley before dying took 250mg of pure mescalin and died with a big smile on his face, but in the week preceding he gave orders to the servants, to tell the people visiting him, that he couldn't receive them because the master was busy preparing his death.
As death is Fate, I think it's necessary to accept it as a natural fact of life that we can't deal with.
Hell is dying in fire agony for our "sins". hehe
Thanks a lot for your beloved and pertinent comment that will enrich us both because existence is dialog, one of the essences missed on Steemit.:(

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Obrigado por fazeres parte da comunidade @steemitportugal .



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