Life Lesson - How do you find your partner through LOVE and MARRIAGE?

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How do you find LOVE?

One day Plato asked his mentor, "master, what does LOVE means? How can I find it?

His mentor replied. "there's a vast wheat field over there. Walk through it but you are not allowed to walk back the same path that you have taken. Look for the most beautiful twig that you came across, and if you found one then you will know the meaning of LOVE". Plato heeds his master's advice and started to walk through the wheat farm, a moment later he came back to his master, empty-handed.

His mentor asked him, "Where is the twig that I asked you to bring back to me?".

Plato replied, "I can only bring back one, but you told me that I can only walk a path once. Actually, I have found the most beautiful twig that I have ever seen, but I am too curious to know that I might find more beautiful twigs if I kept on walking the path in front of me. So I didn't picked it up. I walked on, but I couldn't find any twig that is even more beautiful than the one I previously saw, so I came back without any".

His mentor replied, "So, that is the meaning of LOVE".


The next day, Plato asked his mentor again, "Master, what does a marriage mean? How can I find the right partner for me?".

His mentor replied, "There is a vast forest over there, walk through it but you can only walk a path once. Looked for the most beautiful and tallest tree that you can find, cut it down and you will find the meaning of MARRIAGE". So Plato listened and heed his master's advice, and after a few hours, he came back with a tree. The tree is quite ordinary, it's neither too straight or too tall.

His mentor asked him, "Why did you choose to cut down and bring such tree to me?".

Plato replied, "Based on my experience about finding LOVE, I am more determined than ever not to come back empty-handed this time. So, as I walked halfway through the forest, I found a tree, and it is not bad looking, I decided to cut it down and bring it to you".

"Now, that is the meaning of MARRIAGE!", his mentor answered.

The moral of the story

Find LOVE and get MARRIED, we can't be too choosy if it meant finding the perfect partner for us. Along the way in our life, we will meet so many people, and when you think the time is right, choose wisely the person that most probably suits you the best. Accept your partner with all your heart as the one fated for you in this life.


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