The problem with Medium in 2018

in psychology •  4 months ago

I used to love the Medium app.

I had it installed on my phone for a while.

I would set it to night mode all the time for easier reading.

But recently, due to the business model changes -- especially their aggressive push for paywalled articles, almost every single suggested post requires their $5/month subscription.

As much as I'm a fan of supporting my favourite writers, this is a d*ck move.

Adding that additional friction for users to search instead of being suggested what to read will result in a decline of monthly active users.

What would be a better alternative is for their algorithm to suggest the best free posts and have the writers link to their paid ones throughout or at the bottom of each post.

That will result in a win-win for both sides -- the reader will continue to read on Medium and the writers will continue to get paid.

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