Worrying is based on fear .... it is a big waste of energy...

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Worry is to feel distressed about a possible issue or problem. It is likely to be based on fear. Worry has the power to zap one's energy and keep a worrier awake at sleep. I was so worried last night that I did not get a wink of sleep!

I believe that we are all guilty of worrying. It seems a natural thing to do. But, there are degrees of worrying. Being a little anxious is an acceptable and in control kind of feeling. But, when one is into big worry mode then that is different. That is when your thoughts run through your mind at a hundred miles an hour! You effectively become your thoughts. At this stage it is very easy to head down the pity pit. Yes, there is such a place! It is a place of hopelessness, sadness and all that is bad. It is when one feels very sorry for oneself. As you might know already a quick exit is not immediate. A good night's sleep is magic. Sometimes, outside help like a good understanding friend or partner is needed.

The best way to ease worrying is to learn what it is and to know how to replace it with something else.

To stop oneself from going down the pity pit is to not allow thoughts to take over; not to over analyse in an irrational way. According to Oprah Winfrey, You are not your thoughts, you are the observer of your thoughts. If one lives in a state of consciousness,you are in a state of awareness seeing the bigger picture. There is an understanding that the now is all that matters. The future is the future, we have no control over it. Tap into to your inner guidance system: your intuition. It is easy to to use one's intuition; all one has to do is listen, trust and follow.


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Yes its true. It's also our anxieties make us worry.


It is a trap we can easily fall into.


Yes it's very true😊

howdy @angiemitchell..yes Ma'am we need to learn to stay out of that dang pity pit, that place will kill ya! and has taken so many.
great article and wisdom.


Thank you @janotn, clinical depression is a real bummer.

Our thoughts can free us or imprison us, so when we worry we do not evolve, because we anchor ourselves in fear and it overwhelms us. I agree with you that we have to trust more.

Thanks for this important information.