Personal social graph analysis for Steemit and Golos

in #psychology6 years ago

We are starting alpha testing of personal social graph analytics:

  1. Login or register via social network here:
  2. If want to study personal graphs on and/or, register there too and enter ids for these networks in "Properties" on
  3. Go to "secret" alpha-testing page and look into yourself as a center of the universe and many other suns scattered around your self.
  4. If you have many social networks on profile, you may switch between them (each switch may take time when doe the first time).

Performance may be not as good as expected but we are working to improve it before official beta-release in June this year. Looking forward for feedback (and bug reports as well :-) )

Recently, we have improved performance of social graph analysis at - by default, now we scan only last month instead of entire year and add more months to the scope if no information is found. Also, if using public blockchain-based social networks like or, one can wander along the social graph clicking on the personal nodes (in Facebook or Google+ this is impossible due to privacy restrictions in these privately owned networks).

For instance, here is personal social graph of @akolonin in @steemit:

Also, here is the graph of the same person on @golos

Thanks to @dark.sun and @lehard for supporting this work :-)

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