Psychedelic Song - Hang on to a Dream, by Gandalf!

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It's a cold dreary day and I understand why bears hibernate this time of year! Is this what bears' dreams sound like?

Hang On To A Dream was written by Tin Hardin and was covered by other bands such as The Nice with Emerson from Emerson Lake and Palmer, as >a href="">featured in this post by @dwinblood. The Nice did the song in a very different style.

Galdalf was a 4 man psychedelic band from New York City who made one album for Capitol Records that wasn't released until 1969 and then they put the wrong record in the sleeve! But fortunately Sundazed Records eventually got this out to the world.

The song starts slow and dreamy. We hear some piano with reverb and some trippy ahhh vocals. Then the slightly echoed lyrics:

What can I say, she's walking away,
From what we've seen.
What can I do, still loving you.
It's all a dream!


How can we hang on to a dream?
How can it ever be the way it seems?

What can I do, she's saying we're through,
With how it was.
What will I try, I still don't see why,
She says what she does.

Chorus again

Organ break

Chorus repeat to fade out

The chorus part is faster and more up beat, which was needed so the listener doesn't fall asleep and enter their own world of dreams.

Enjoy Gandalf singing Hang On To A Dream, and make the most of a sometimes dreary time of year by working to make your own dreams come true!

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