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Proposal: Public Hivemind SQL service

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Is this similar to the @arcange database but for PostgreSQL?

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Yes, it will be the same except Hivemind doesn't store whole blockchain data like SteemSQL. Instead, it focuses on social aspects like votes, comments, posts, resteems, relationships. (ignore, follow, etc.)

In the future, communities data is also planned to store at Hivemind.

Sounds great! Looking forward to be one of the first to test :) You already have my witness vote and I will support this proposal.

Thanks! 🎉

Isn't that data available through steemSQL too?

It is available with a subscription fee.

Is that the only difference between what you propose and steemSQL?

Post includes a Q/A section explains the main difference.

SteemSQL is a general blockchain data service, while Hivemind only stores a partition of the blockchain data. Mostly social part like posts, accounts, votes, relationships (follow, ignore, resteem), etc. It's also planned to store communitiesdata at Hivemind.

So your service will only offer a small part of what steemSQL already offers but is funded by the community? I am pretty sure that you can get follows, ignores and resteems from steemSQL as well. I fail to see a true benefit tbh.

I run my own hivemind node as well as pay for SteemSQL access. I find that hivemind is often better for querying certain things as compared to SteemSQL.

In some cases, results come back faster in hivemind because of how the indices are arranged.

One of the major benefits of hivemind is how tags are tracked. If you’re doing content specific queries, it’s usually better to use hivemind.

I have used SteemSQL, it is awesome. However, it is not affordable for an average user, especially with the current Steem prices.

Building a free alternative for users and independent developers should be welcomed.

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Where am I twisting words.

  • Does steemSQL offers everything you want to build? If not what will you provide that steemSQL does not.
  • Do you want the community to fund your project with the SPS?
  • Is steemSQL paid only by those who uses it?

I don't see where there are any twisted words. It seems you just can not justify the usage of the SPS to build a service that will benefit the 1% on Steem even though such service does already exist.

All this seems to be is a cheap steemSQL clone funded by the SPS. Nothing more. Nothing less. The only "toxic" answer here just came from you because it seems you have no good arguments left ;)

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Seems you really don't have had the time to properly explain the differences between an already existing service and your version. This has nothing to do with being toxic. I just ask why you want the community to fund a service that does technically already exist without community funding.

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