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I’m up to my ears in missed deadlines and looming log jams but I’m compelled to write about the evil that is allowed to be done in my name. Evil is being done in my name. My government is making it an art form. So is yours.

Bad things happen when good people do nothing. Or to put it another way – shit happens and as my flatmate of long ago once said it’s usually caused by arseholes.
But the analogy doesn’t work, I hear you say – there’s no correlation between good people and arseholes.

Of course, there is. Good people are arseholes when they knowingly turn away from bad deeds; when they let evil flourish unchallenged; when they decide that it is more convenient for their career/status/comfort to simply not notice and move on. That’s the stuff that “never again” was meant to stand against. It’s Vichy regime 101. It’s gutless, selfish and willfully ignorant. It deserves the strongest possible condemnation and there’s a fair chance it applies at least in part to you and me.

We are being force-fed insane, 100% pure gold plated triple-A rated bullshit by mainstream media and if we’re prepared to accept that without challenge we are culpable for the crimes that follow.


Surely, not us – we support all the causes that media promotes, we wring our hands about the situation in Syria, we shake our heads regretfully when a disaster happens and we reach in our pocket to give when asked. We have done all we can. “They,” will fix it. “They” know what to do and if “they” don’t we’ll change the deck chairs. What else are we expected to do?

I’ll tell you what you’re supposed to do.

Whatever deity you believe in gave you a brain and he/she expects you to use the bloody thing.

Start thinking critically. Stop accepting the narrative that has been streamed into your consciousness for the past thirty years and start asking questions.

Questions like-:

Who benefits?

Why would Assad gas his own people the day after Trump said he was getting the US out of there?

Why is Julian Assange cut off from the outside world?

Why do the media serve you a diet of puppy stories, sports injuries, speculation on political machinations and no analysis of world events at all?

Who is Seth Rich and why do I mention his name?

Why won’t media critically report on Julian Assange the way that Suzie Dawson and Elizabeth Vos do?

Are the Russians inept, stupid or completely lacking in the dark arts of espionage – so much so that they left a trail a mile wide leading back to them after the Skripals poisoning?

Why can a couple of nightclub comedians (Jimmy Dore and Lee Camp) offer a better analysis of world events than the entire media entourage?

Who paid for the Steele dossier?

Were the DNC emails published by WikiLeaks – a leak or a hack?

Who is Kim Dotcom and why does the United States want to extradite him?

Once you’ve asked those questions and found the answers that are freely available beyond the veil of spin and deceit that mainstream media offers, you’re going to have more questions and you’ll want to be kicking butt and taking names.

Someone has to pay for this mess.

The paying starts with your local government representative.

Ask them a simple question.

That question is -:

Do you support Julian Assange, his right to publish the truth and his right to free speech?

If the answer is in the negative that person, regardless of political hue does not represent your nation. That person is a gutless fraud. If they won’t stand up for Assange, they won’t stand up for you.

The time has come for good people to make a stand.

I’m sick of arseholes. How about you?

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