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RE: How Humanity Could Become Impossible To Propagandize

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You know there is some foundation in Nature for the made-up rules of society. Some more some less, but foundation nonetheless, for nothing can be created from nothing, ideas cannot refer ad infinitum to ideas: they need some touchstone in reality whatever it may be.


This was one of the things I was going to say in response to this passage, so I up voted your answer instead.

The same is true of things like power, money, and government. There is nothing grafted onto the electrons of the universe which says that the world needs to be mostly ruled by a few billionaires and their lackeys. Only the made-up rules about how power, money and government operate cause that to be the case, and those rules are only as true as we all collectively agree to pretend they are. They are all mental constructs that people made up, and we can therefore change them whenever we want to. Which is why so much plutocratic effort goes into making sure that we don't.

We can't change them whenever we want to, or doesn't the OP think that would be the first thing a truly revolutionary group would do?

Great minds think alike ;)

It's a pity the OP isn't interested in the discussion, this is just like a newspaper oped I suppose

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