CNN to white people: You're becoming racist sexist antisemites

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White people are raising a generation of dangerous transphobic racists, insisted CNN today. Through a character called Joanna (a "progressive liberal" with hipster glasses but non-purple hair) they warn fair-skinned Americans about the coming all-out race war.

Joanna urges videos and blog posts on social media are turning white people into alt-right racists - and young men into misoginists - using specific terms, symbols, and techniques.

How it happens

Watch out for: "Cuck" or "beta" (used to insult Liberal males), "red pilled" (a Matrix reference for 'awakened', now a misogynistic alt-right slur), "snowflake" (used to mock oversensitive Liberals), "social justice warrior" (another pejorative attack on the Left), "triggered" (used to silence critics of racism and sexism), and "14" (because that's the number of words in a certain antisemitic slogan). CNN says if you hear young people in your family speaking this way, they're likely becoming radicalized by neo-Nazi conspiracy theorists, and "enticed into propaganda."

(Some things to watch out for, which may lead toward white supremacy, conspiracy theories, and hatred of Jews.)

These terms/icons/numbers may not seem dangerous, but they lay the foundation for extremist ideology, and are only 2 steps away from events like the Charleston church massacre. Emojis like a glass of milk represent white pride, lightning bolts indicate allegiance to the Nazi SS, and the "okay" hand sign is often code for white supremacy. Joanna tells white parents to look for these signs, and not to allow them to progress to full-blown transphobia and antisemitism. A common source of these problems in families is the "conservative white uncle", who should be avoided and discredited whenever possible.

This helpful flow chart explains how white people, through certain ideas online which must be censored, become genocidal terrorists:

White people --> white pride --> white nationalism --> white supremacy --> white extremism --> antisemitism --> white terrorism --> genocide

Knowing that, it's clear that any white person displaying signs of pride must be watched for potential slide toward genocidal terrorist acts. As with many problems, it's best to catch it early.

(((Joanna))) - Hebrew for grace - CNN's familiar-looking, self-hating, virtue-signalling, anti-white, racist shill character.

Joanna: "As I scrolled through my teen son's social media, I saw memes that joked about the Holocaust. Then he started using the word 'triggered', an insult that has been used against me in the past, by those who virulently disagree with me on my blog. Then I realized: the Nazi trolls were after my kids! They're after ALL our white kids!"

It can begin with subtle irony or humor, and progress to repugnant racist, homophobic, and antisemitic memes. Boys then fall deeper down the rabbit hole and become radicalized women-haters. Joanna warns parents to know how non-mainstream media sources like Reddit and Discord work, since dangerous racist thinking thrives on alternative platforms. "We need to bend our kids' minds, and get them to think about social issues in a way that's going to help society."

Google and FaceBook/Twitter banned white pride, white supremacy, and white nationalism, as well as antisemitism of any form, in 2019. But clearly, even stricter censorship will have to be enacted in 2020 to keep us safe from this growing white scourge.


CNN is further dividing the people through racism and sexism, disguising their attempt as well-meaning and non-racist. Carefully worded, many readers will be insulted or offended by the article, and others will embrace it wholeheartedly - a hallmark of divisive reporting. But this isn't real reporting, this is social engineering, and blatantly so! CNN has a long history of amplifying racist voices, like that of their anchor Don Lemon, who is well-known for encouraging racism against white people and sexism against men, claiming that caucasian males are the biggest terror threat in society.

Don't fall for it. We need more unity, cohesion, harmony, and peace. Be good to each other, regardless of ethnic differences. Treat people based on the way they act, behave, the things they do. Not on the genetics they were born with.

We are all one. All life on this planet is one. To be sustainable, we need harmony with ourselves and each other. Division, like the division forced into our society by CNN, is the cause of discord, strife, and war.

The agenda is turmoil for the people, and power for the state. CNN, the state mouthpiece, is instigating hatred. Articles like theirs are truly "hate speech", which ironically is what they claim to be fighting against. Don't get sucked in.

In peace, love, and liberty,



That's what you get for watching the Communist News Network, LOL! It was a weird coincidence that this bullshit started to come out right around the time we were expecting a baby boy. I joked about how fucking ridiculous people are getting, and said, what's next racist babies? Well the jokes or yesterday are the truth of tomorrow.

Like it wasn't already hard enough to talk to people, now whenever you try to talk about the truth to people, their eyes glaze over and they have a stupid pre-programmed response. These people are getting so dumbed down, it's Orwellian; they'll believe anything they're told: lies are truth, war is peace, love is hate....I'm starting to understand now.

There's so much to say on this topic, but we don't want to clutter the comment section. This post was on the mark, pun intended! Secrecy and division are the driving forces here....division all the way down to the family unit. This documentary was very informative for newbies and as a review. Is history doomed to repeat itself?

Girls of Green just wants to say that just because we're about women and cannabis, in no way does that mean we're sexist (aka feminist and anti-male). We promote peace and love!

It's strange that there are invisible comments on this post. What's going on with that?

People feel victimized and they need to act out in retaliation, but they don't want others to know they've done so, so they hide their actions. A bit creepy!

Yeah it looks like we have a big problem!! Have you heard about this?
These "Cadets" should be more than fired!

Yeah, whose idea was that photo? Why did it happen? There must be a story behind it.

Soccer moms love their moral outrage: from metal, video games, to nazi memes and CNN is there to serve the market.

If you think this is crazy, wait for the second Trump presidential term. 2019 will look sane in comparison.

These terms/icons/numbers may not seem dangerous, but they lay the foundation for extremist ideology, and are only 2 steps away from events like the Charleston church massacre.

This kind of argument will never stick. It never has in the past and it definitely never will. the problem with this type of thinking is that it draws a line in the sand in an attempt to say anyone who uses a specific words or actions now has some kind of original sin. It wont be effective because its not a good method to get people to take up the cause. It pushes people away. Nobody adopts your point of view.


Ok boomer

You can make the same arguments that video games caused the shooting.

  • Comic books
  • movies
  • music
  • Satan
  • gay marriage
  • guns
  • Toxic masculinity

Basically this method of argument is super ineffective and it always falls flat because nobody will side with you. And the people that do will eventually turn against you as the purity spiral continues to go further. You are going to fuck up eventually and piss off the people within your own political bubble eventually and they will call you a nazi. In addition to that, moralistic arguments of this nature make you look super awful in the eyes of most people who don't actually care about the topic. You will end up making those terms even cooler. Because "lame people are cool to make fun of."

I have watched this exact thing play out so many times in the past. You are much better off just not bothering at all because all you will end up doing is empowering the symbolism you dislike while you disarm yourself from having any kind of real effect on society.

The really interesting thing about this is that while people are making these kinds of arguments they wont be able to comprehend the above point. There is a certain degree of blindness involved. Much in the same way that religious people are unable to understand how they look to people on the outside.

Its absolutely fascinating that people repeat these kinds of patterns without realizing the end result is certain failure. Carry on though I guess.

Heavy metal music definitely did make a lot more devil worshipers though!

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Poor white victims, will the media never report on your struggle?
Anyone who uses the word snowflake should be fucking gassed in a oven.

Anyone who uses the word snowflake should be fucking gassed in a oven.

Look what we have here: Hitler posting using his alt-account @madalchemist.

Adolf, where are you hiding these days? Last I heard, you were in Argentina.

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