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Friends, how are you doing? For some of you, its been a while . Many of us have been taken aback due to the dip but not to worry, look again you will see new opportunities open to you.

I have been blogging on steemit for more than one year now. Even when things are rough generally in crypto World, I like to tell you about my new-found blogging site.
Its called Whaleshares

Just like steemit, it is a blockchain blogging site where you get rewarded for content creation, posting of pictures, engaging in contents. More so, many tokens are accepted as whaleshares tokens- dbread, milk, midas, erotx and many more.

I find the site so easy to use for blogging, i have been enjoying great upshares and the daily contest by @jznsamuel has been wonderful. I have meet great friends there, ready to make you work by their relentless, enthusiastic spirit of dishing out great contents regularly.

A striking thing i see about whaleshare is that the payout takes two weeks and if you decide to power down, it takes long before you get all you wls. So whaleshares is not a blogging site you jump in because you want to make money, but you also want to conttibute your quota in sustaining the site.

What are you waiting for, come join the whales on whaleshare. There is still many more space for you. Come in. Its easy to join.

Hint on how to join
-Get your bts id from https://wallet.bitshares.org

-Go to https://signup.wls.services/#/ and register

You are good to go.

@peakreal1, @dray91eu, @mritsnobigdeal, @mike4christ, @dubem-eu come and join us on whaleshares.io

I will watch out for you and am sure you will love it here.

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Yea, the platform for me is tha bomb..

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