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I was doing my very best, every opportunity where I can share to people, to my students and fellow teachers, to let them know what is steem, and the technology of blockchain.

The image was taken from the AASMNHS Senior High Expo, where there is a corner for me and few of my steemian students displayed a shirt steem and stickers, and videos of how blockchain works.

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Is that your picture @guruvaj ? Finally I know how do you look like :)

You've such a kind and friendly face.

ps. you're doing a great job buddy. Keep it up :)

Yes this me. About your delegation, lets proceed from what we have agreed upon, you can withdraw the delegation at the end of March. I will focus on my posting this summer vacation.
Thank you very much.

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Dear @guruvaj

Sorry for such a late reply.

I think I will actually able to get you 50SP delegation from my friend, to replace my own support :)


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Let us know if you have more questions!

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Thank you.
Appreciated it.

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Always a pleasure!

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