How to Promote Your YouTube Channel And Video - 5 Free Ways

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I'm gonna tell you how to promote your YouTube channel and we're starting right now.What is going on? If this is your first time here and you wanna learn how to grow your channel, make videos and all types of other YouTube-related stuff, if you have any methods that you use to promote your channel, leave them down in the comments below to help other people that might reading this artical. Okay, knowing how to promote your channel can be critical to your YouTube success, so I put together five ways that you can promote your YouTube channel so that you can get more views and subscribers.
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  1. This is something that I'm going to be pushing people hard on this year and it's collaborations. Collaborating with other YouTubers regardless of the channel size can really be helpful for getting yourself out there. I mean, think about it. If you're on 15 other channels, that's 15 other channels that are promoting your content. All you have to do is take that first step to reach out to the other YouTubers that you wanna collaborate with.

  2. SEO also known as search engine optimization. One of the fastest ways to get your channel off the ground is to optimize your content for search. Here's what you do. Whatever niche that you happen to be in, go up to the YouTube search bar, start typing in topics that you might want to make a video about. From there YouTube is going to autosuggest things to you that people are looking for based around that topic. Pick some of those phrases, make videos about those as a way to bring people into your content. Make sure that you're optimizing your titles, your tags and your descriptions with the phrase that you're actually trying to rank for. I've made videos about this, Brian G. Johnson's made videos about this, pretty much everybody has made videos about this but I'll put some links to some SEO videos down in the description below.

  3. Is social media. I'm talking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, anywhere else, Snapchat, anywhere else that you happen to have a following or that you happen to want to actually build a following. If it's on Facebook, make sure that you are posting your content in relevant groups. Make sure that you are joining the communities there before you actually start posting your content. The worst thing that you can possibly do is to join a Facebook group and go in there and say hey, this is my channel, this is a video that you should check out, or whatever, because nobody cares yet, so what you wanna do is become an active participant in the community and then you're more welcome to post your content and your content's gonna be better received and make sure that the content you're posting in there is actually relevant to the topic of the group as well. Personally, I don't use Instagram that way but I probably should. I just like to post stuff there. You can do some really creative stuff. I've seen a ton of different YouTubers doing some really creative things on YouTube to actually drive traffic to their YouTube channel but the last thing that you wanna do is turn your Instagram into a promotional page. The reason for that is who wants to follow a promotional page where all you're doing is just posting thumbnails to new content that you're uploading? There's nothing interesting going on there. Make your Instagram interesting first and then post your messages on there that you just uploaded new videos. Twitter is also another fantastic place to share your content. If you don't have a following there, start making tweets on a regular basis. Actually grow your following there as well. Same with Instagram and anywhere else that you're going to be promoting your YouTube content.

  4. comment on other videos and join in livestreams. Now, listen, I'm not saying to spam comment sections. Do not do that because you can get your account deleted for the repetitive posts and all that stuff, I'm not saying to spam livestreams, you do not want to do that either. What you want to do, you wanna become just like I said on Facebook as far as becoming active in the community, you wanna do that on the YouTube channels that you like and enjoy and by participating in the community, people are gonna start recognizing you more and things like that and they're gonna be more likely to click on your name and go over and view your channel and as a side note, you don't have to say hey, come and check out my channel, this is my actual username or anything like that. If people like the comments that you're leaving, they're going to click on your username anyway so that they can see what it is that you're up to. Spamming is bad, okay?

  5. you wanna maximize the current traffic that's coming into your channel as a means to promote your content.basically what you wanna do is you wanna make sure that you're pinning your playlist, you wanna make sure that you are using cards effectively, you wanna make sure that you're using the YouTube featured video option inside of your Creator Studio and all of the other stuff that I talk about in that video, so make sure that you go and check it out and if you wanna learn more about growing your channel making videos and all other types of YouTube-related stuff, start now by hitting the round Subscribe icon so you don't miss anything. Thank you so much for reading. I'll see you next time.


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