U.K: With well over +1,000 Users now in the U.K. I wanted to say a Warm Welcome to you all and introduce you to the #promo-uk Team.

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With well over +1,000 Users now in the U.K. on STEEMIT I wanted to say a Warm Welcome to you all and introduce you to the #promo-uk Team.

Obviously +1,000 is a lot to say hello to in one go, so to kick things off, I have decided to say a quick hi to a few of you tonight.

Over the next few days/weeks I will try and cover as many of the +1,000 as I possible can and hopefully get to say hello to you all.

To kick things off, tonight I would like to say hello and introduce you to the following:

@thecryptofiend, @bobbylee, @opheliafu, @carface, @starkerz, @someguy123, @movievertigo, @cm-steem, @marketingmonk, @emhaze222, @webdeals, @mrmerrington, @willstephens, @raymondspeaks, @karenb54, @eco-alex, @tecav, @adamm, @williams858, @whobetterthanish, @phoenixmaid, @hopehuggs, @greenstar, @rhino, @justyy, @jimjam1210, @dr0tcl, @andyhenry, @pcste, @ianstrat, @imineblocks, @splus, @andrei, @sunnyr18, @endaksi1, @fleur, @pinky-jangra, @gportman, @cryptosi, @scotty2729, @theadmiral0, @grizgal, @artila, @shifty0g, @scalextrix, @pennsif, @minteh, @ijavee, @ashishbhatia, @dragonmasa, @paniopan, @botty, @rags-to-riches, @thebookdevourer, @alanquinton, @muks, @jawaida, @tfx96, @themeanbean, @elliotjgardner, @diracdnb, @coinkingz, @mckenzie259

Thanks again for reading.



Is there a place where I can check the numbers of different countries? I'm a Dutchy and maybe I can start a Dutch promo or something. I'm really curious what the numbers are and hope to see 100k UK people by the end of the year;)! welcome all

Thankyou for the mention! Glad to see a real presense from here in the UK! Could easerly be alot more! @williams858 ;)

I'm based in Cambridge too, I'd love o get involved :)

Shared on twitter. Stephen

I didn't know there was a #promonottingham tag. You can get me on the next mention!!

Only 1000+? There is place to grow!

Wow, so we are the early adopters in the UK! Considering there are about 65 million here in the U.K. There is a lot of potential for growth.
Where did you get the figures from?

Thanks for the mention @stephenkendal. Have you come across many steemers over Wales way yet?

A warm welcome to everybody on the uk team. Upvoted and resteemed

I love the unity, and teamwork exhibited thus far, I envy the drive in the uk, im hoping to replicate same in the African community as well. I thought @adamm was a member of this?

UK here too Stephen at least half of the time! in Birmingham. Hello! :D

I am sure it will be more soon. I am convincing someone to sign up every day :D

Great to see we have a great UK community here on steemit.
With the help of #promo-uk I hope our community grows and becomes one of the biggest in the platform.
I think London is where steemit gets its 3rd most users from which is great.
Keep up the amazing work! :)

Awesome - we're from the South West.

Great to connect with everyone :D

Myself and the @crytpofiend are more up North, you don't have a group for us yet. Maybe add Newcastle which is city fairly close to both of us.

follow back

So happy to see you here on Steemit aunty and this is a great introduction post :)


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