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hi all steemit friends in the world
I want to share my experience with steemians friends tonight. Tonight they invited me to drink coffee while discussing the matter of steemit. image
I love being able to promo steemit to steemians church where I live. I can also share knowledge with them. though I have not had much knowledge about steemit. I only gave an idea of ​​the peasant community like a village. If we are diligent to visit and greet others then others will visit and greet us. So also in steemit komonitas if we often visit and greet others will greet us. image
This is an activity I do and a friend # friend promo-steem. This activity is very useful for beginners steemit. Please support from steemians for my activities. Hopefully I can do # promo-steem always in every place. And please support and help me and my friends like steemians let me have the spirit of doing it @promo-steem, @steem-ambassador, @esteem @stephenkendal, @arcange, @starkerz image

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