I was at the first STEEMIT meetup on Legon Campus. I'm Privileged. @anaman, @demag, @bayelgh were all there

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For sometime now, @anaman has been making some efforts to bring all steemians on University of Ghana Campus together, and yes! we're making headway, little by little.

A group was created on whatsapp, and messages like the ones you see below were sent to members, and ideas sought for the favorable time for us to meet.

So finally a venue was secured, and members of the group were notified of the time the meeting would commence.

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The objectives of the meet up was for @anaman to share with us all, his immense experience with steemit, and also to show the noobs in and around the steemit platform.

I was the first to get to the said venue (@anaman was already there though), which was sort of a computer lab in one of the halls of residence on University of Ghana campus.

After a while, then came @neckerwealth and then we were fortunate to have @bayelgh join us too.

With just 2 people present, @anaman began sharing what he had. He expanded on how the blockchain operates, gave some insight into the steemit reward pool, how payments on a post are split and all that.

@demag came in along the line, and it was all fun, having to see all these Steemians around.

We already feel we are a community cum family in the making.

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The attendees were taken through the various applications built on the STEEM blockchain such as dLive, DTube, steemnow, steemworld, steemvoter, steepshot, steemd amongst a whole lot of others.

@anaman is a repository of steem knowledge. Big ups to him.

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We are definitely poised for more action, and we are confident that we will put in our all to grow the LEGON community, the @accra region, the #teamghana, the continent Africa, and the whole blockchain as our world!!!!!

Lets steem on steemians

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I absolutely don't regret attending this meeting. It was very rich in teaching. @steemit really looks great. Thanks to @anaman, @yawgh, @demag. It was very kind from you guys. Together with @teamghana we will make @steemit the next big thing in @ghana.

well said bro!

I am glad I was there too. Lets make it happen!!

Great post, i enjoyed ..!!

do not forget check in the best post of @ziapase,, thank :) :)

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