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Hello Steemians..

On this occasion I don't mince words with rhetoric, because I don't think everyone needs it. sweet words that are spoken only ordinary people who want to hear it well. Everyone wants evidence and certainty that happens in the real world, and that's not everyone can do.

We've both been learning about the #club5050 program lately. It is undeniable that this will affect the minds of steemians. Many of them feel indecisive, between stopping or continuing. They have tried to post and try to join the #club5050 program, but it's a shame if their efforts don't affect anything, they don't even get votes and support from the steemit team. Will they continue to be consistent with their determination? I think only they themselves can answer that.


From the beginning I joined steemit, I thought this was not my main job, let this steemit be my side job, so I won't be disappointed if I don't get big results. I think all steemians must apply such principles so that they are always not disappointed, because by implementing the #club5050 application we have to invest a lot and turn on our energy in steemit, only part of which we can exchange for money. And it's very hard if they make this steemit their main job.

I and other steemian friends may have been vacuumed for more than 2 weeks, then how can we support #club5050 when the income last week was not there? In this post I took the initiative to turn on 100% for steem power. Hope this can get voice support from the steemit team.

Before I vacuumed, in the last month I have done power ups more than 50% of my income, and I saw 2 posts did not get votes from the steemit team. Maybe it wasn't my lucky day. Even so, I still have to support the #club5050 program. I think it will be better in the future if I continue to implement the #club5050 application. If this is interesting maybe other friends should also follow it.

Special Thanks To : @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 @stephenkendal, @kevinwong, @pennsif, @steemchiller @sultan-aceh

Best Regards @teukumuhas


Semoga pertolongan segera datang 😅

Mau jadi dolphin 🐬 tapi masih golongan plangton 😅

Yang penting usaha dulu mas..

Saya bantu doa aja bro @teukumuhas

Hehe.. terimakasih bang

Saya bantu do'a kakak muhas..

Haha.. terimakasih

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