Introduced steemit to two people today!

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Today I went out to meet my friend but he got stuck in traffic somewhere and told me to wait for sometime, so I went to the nearby shopping mall to spend some time there. While I was sitting there a man aged around 35-40 sat on the chair next to me with his friend.
I had just finished my lunch there and was browsing something on my phone. I happened to check just to look where btc and other alts were at that moment in terms of price and the man sitting next to me said that everything is down. Suddenly I got the idea that this man is into crypto and he started asking me questions about how long have you been in crypto and what coins do you have in your portfolio. I answered his questions and he began to talk about his journey in crypto.
He said that he was introduced into crypto by one of his friends a year ago and had made decent profits. He also said that his poloniex account got hacked a few months ago and $5000 worth of bytecoin got stolen from his account. He was very disappointed about this incident and his face showed his frustration about that stolen money.
He asked me a question about my occupation and I answered that I am a student. Hearing this answer created a confusion in his mind that if I am a student, how am I invested in crypto with no means of income!
I found it the best time to introduce steemit to him and showed him my profile and told him that this is where I got the money to invest in crypto.
images (6).png
He was kind of shocked to see that a social network can help you earn sone money.
He became interested and I showed him some of the accounts if whales and how much they earn only by curating content.
I also told him about steem and he opened poloniex to check if it was on poloniex.
His friend also got involved and listened to me when I was talking about steemit.
Both of them said that they will definitely make an account on steemit.
I forgot to take pictures with them however.

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Good work @syedumair. We all need to do that really. If all the active members could introduce Steem to a single person on daily basis, it means we can have 10k new members daily * 365 = 3.5 million people per year.

We just need to take the action! I'm glad that you are doing it.

That is the best thing to do; inviting more members to join the blockchain.

Socialisig will make steemit social network strong...and help it grow

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Nice Syed Umair! i am wondring in Crypto world from last some years. i joined steemit in July 2018.
umair bahi ho sake to muje steemit se earning ke bare mein kuch advise karien. ya apna whatspp no. send kar dein. as you wish......