WANTED: More Writers, Bloggers & Authors to come join us on Steemit. Did you know that >$3,100,000 worth of STEEM rewards have already been distributed to the tag #Writing in the Steemit Community since it was created back in March 2016?

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#Promo-Steem - Promoting #Steemit on Twitter

Latest #steemtalent tweet - Reaching out for more #Writers, #Bloggers and #Authors to come and join us on #Steemit

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Promotion Campaign on Twitter

Today, I have been focusing on and reaching out for more #Writers, #Bloggers and #Authors to come and join the #Steemit Community.

As the campaign continues, I am pleased to share with you the latest tweet that has just gone out.

The tweet reads....


WANTED: More #Writers #Bloggers & #Authors to come join us on @Steemit.

Did you know that >$3,100,000 worth of #STEEM rewards have already been distributed to the tag #Writing in the #Steemit Community since it was created back in March 2016?

#blogger #steemtalent #JoinSteemit

Accompanying the tweet was the following slide....

Distribution of Rewards to writing.jpg


Please feel free to retweet the tweet if you support the promotion and growth of #Steemit.

Thanks for supporting #steemtalent

Thanks for reading and once again thank you to everyone around the World that has supported the #Promo-Steem #steemtalent Project.



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Blogers and authors can great big impact on steemit. There followers can make in intrest steemit. It will be a pleassure for steemit community if a big numbers of blogers and authors come and join steemit. The >$3,100,000 is big amount of reward on writing. Writing power is key of success. And steemit community has great skills of writing on many topics.

Very happy to see that informatio about reward. We want more blogers and authors for steemit. Writing tag is main and great tag on steemit. I have seen many people are writing well on many issues. Great information about steemit.....

Oh yeah,but who received the most of the money from that reward pool.Only a few people from some specific group.So far in my journey here I haven't seen any ordinary people getting rewarded for the quality of his or her content.

It is always the Steemwhales who get the prize no matter what they write about or what is the quality of their article.


@philipkavan, I am a minnow at the moment. At the very beginning of my journey on Steem blockchain I also wad a bit sceptic. But, recently I've started beenig rewarded. Do, it works! Steem is a great place. And there are many opportunities. Just be yourself, be consistent, do ypur best, make videos, comment on other Steemians content, that has a good quality and you will see that you will start being rewarded. Good luck!

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Ohhhh wao very big reward distributed,thats so great,You are right we want more writers bloggers and authors join the steemit,wonderful information,thanks for sharing,

Ohh its a great opportunity to all steemians.

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