Steemit is like one big family to me, and this family is getting BIGGER. Think of some of the Steemit Accounts as "Micro-Businesses" and the +$500 billion Market Capital valuation is easily achievable..!!

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#Steemit is like one big family to me..!!

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Some #Steemit Accounts are like "Micro-Businesses"

For me, #Steemit is like one big family and this family is getting BIGGER by the day.

Over the last 17 months since I have been Blogging on #Steemit I have met some amazingly talented and gifted individuals and it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know some new friends and associates.

On Monday, I spent the day in London talking to Stefania Barbaglio and a few others about #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain and it was on my way home that I reflected on the last 17 months I have been in the Community.

For the last 17 months I have tried to explain to people that #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain is more than just a Social Media Blogging Tool, it is far, far BIGGER than that.

#Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain is more than just a Social Media Blogging Tool

What we have in front of us is a complete Ecosystem and it is this Ecosystem that I would like to talk to you about today.

I would guess that most people who see #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain for the first time see a Blogging Site where people make money by blogging.

That is ok and I understand them thinking like this.

But what if it was something more BIGGER than this?

What would happen if it was a complete Ecosystem in the making?

What would happen if people traded goods and services on the #Steem Blockchain?

USP - Some #Steemit Accounts are effectively a "Micro-Business" in the making..!!

On Monday during the interview I had with Stefania Barbaglio where I was promoting #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain I talked about some #Steemit Accounts were effectively a "Micro-Business" in their own right.

It is this concept of a "Micro-Business" that I would like to pursue as an USP (Unique Selling Point) when it comes to Marketing and Promoting #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain and this takes me on to Stefania Barbaglio.

Soon Stefania will be introducing herself to #Steemit and the #Promo-UK Team.

I am really excited in wishing her a warm welcome when she joins and I am looking forward to working with her on various #Promo-UK and #Promo-Steem Projects.

Stefania will bring a huge amount of energy to the team and I cannot wait to get started on some of the amazing Marketing and Promoting Initiatives that we talked about.

After recording the Interview, Stefania and I had a good chat for over an hour and talked about many Initiatives.

One of these Initiatives we discussed was to focus on the term "Micro-Business" as a USP for promoting #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain and it is this Initiative that I am looking forward to rolling out.

My #Steemit Family is getting Bigger

For me, #Steemit is one BIG family and this family is getting bigger.

As the #Steemit Family grows there are now concentrated pockets of raw talent forming, pooling together some of the finest individuals with great qualities.

It is this pooling of talented individuals that will make the #Steemit Community grow into an Ecosystem of the future that has the potential to be un-matched in the Social Media Arena.

Could the #Steem Ecosystem grow into a +$500 billion Social Media Powerhouse?

I guess it goes back to what I mentioned last June and that is ".....could the #Steem Ecosystem grow into a +$500 billion Social Media Powerhouse?"

Well yes, if you look at some of these #Steemit Accounts as "Micro-Businesses"..!!

Thanks again for reading.


Recent interview with Stefania Barbaglio in London promoting #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain


Yes Stephen Micro-Business for Steem accounts good idea, I am looking at creating one so Londoners can book a taxi on Steemit


"Stephen Kendal at Hilton Paddington needs a ride to Bournemouth please ring with price"

Driver then see your message on Steemit and rings you or messages you on Steemit, you agree price: cash, steem or bitcoin and you get picked up by driver who is Steem member, you pay driver with yor cryptocurrency wallet and driver receives it with wallet too

EXACTLY..!! Great idea. Keep me posted on how you get on. Stephen

yes @stephen i am also so happy with steemit family and also with like your good karma person in steemit,, and i am really happy to see your last post now 30 minut ago that you are in top 100 many congrautlations @stephen and sure one day i will see you in top 10 ....i am really happy to stay on you blog and wish you a big big success in steemit and in your whole life
and i really appriciate you and your team and its a big true steemit get a big market cap like as google with the efforts of promo teams and your team is on first number from all
also much waiting for stefania coming here and join this lovely family

It is always a pleasure to read your comments. Thanks again for all your support. Stephen

thanks for sharing your knowledgeit is so useful for newcomers like me.... <3

wow @stephenkendal sir really you give a best name really steemit is really a like our family and my time on steemit is really good from my other time and i am happy we have great person like you in steemit as our seniours which give us always helpfull knowledge and you always appriciate us when we talk with you and i like your promo work for steem and also all of us which have many hopes to complete us dreams from steem and sure i am 1000% that steem give me a great future and complete my all dreams
i am waiting for a huge welcome to join steemit and also promo uk
i try my best to support you always on your promo acitivities sir

Thank you, I appreciate that. Stephen

well i am agree with you that steemit is a big and beloved family which give us many benefits and many happines to spent time with all of them and also with you i always find your blog helpfull and with like my family member in my home you are good man @stephenkendal
your work for steemit and steem blockchain is best and your efforts in last some days are really for appriciate your and your interview with stefania is a great interview which shows me the success of steem blockchain and i am seeing steem on top as compare to all other blockchains and its market cap will be more high from all even bitcoin and its not only our excitements from steemit its really a big true if we see all the projects of steem blockchain which not having ohter blockchains

It's my pleasure. Thanks again for all your support. Stephen

very true line steemit has become really a huge and a amazing family .. here we all are one big family to support each other and looking forward to next level of steem , hope our steemit family will expand and take big part of market cap so we all can take benifits of it .. it not just micro buisness its a life saviour for many congratulations to you @stephenkendal

it not just micro business its a life saviour for many

Nailed it..!! #Steemit is changing people's lives and you cannot put a price of this..!! Stephen

thank you @stephenkendal so we must keep on steem on ☺

of course @moharkan, we will expand and take big part of market cap..

I totally get your point of view... It would be a fascinating experience if steemit incorporates trading between users on its blockchain. Truly the micro-business initiative is not far fetched and I believe it would work and maybe we see this ecosystem scaling beyond the +$500 social media powerhouse target. Nice to read your post again today @stephenkendal. Your name sake over and out

Steemit is like one big family for all of us. When I joined this I thought it may useless just like a FB but I was wrong and realized that this is the best family platform for all of us.

This only happens juts because of all superb bloggers on steemit. Love from the core of heart. This is the GREAT PLATFORM BY ALL MEANS :)



That pretty much sums it up in one sentence..!! Stephen

Yeah, this will gonna rock as soon as possible. Let's wait and watch! :)

Yeh exactly steemit is big family where everyone supporting each other.
due to supporting its become big family paltform and people like you @stephenkendal making it bigger and bigger.

Hoping in future It will become the number one paltform.. Keep supporting each other live with peace and love steemitians..

Yeh exactly steemit is big family where everyone supporting each other.

Nailed it..!! This is EXACTLY why #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain will be so successful. It is re-writing the "Shareholder/Content Creator" Relationship and has effectively opened Pandora's Box..!! Stephen

great video. Sir,you looking nice in this video. yes,it's true we are all like family which look for each other. Steemit make very near with other people on the internet. It's very impressive video.thanks for sharing informational and spiritful post..@stephenkendal

We glad that we found you on steemit are doing an excellent job for community..i would be an great innovation on steemit if people trade goods and services on the Steem Blockchain.

im so much agree with your words steemit is a a big family which just changes life it's become our daily routine and businesses which most important then any other things .. im just looking for it for better and bright future communications to you @stephenkendal

Yes I agree with you steemit users are growing day by day...and in future it will grow more because steemit is a new platform for us that can life all guys promoting steemit and teach us about cryptocurrency and steemit.thank for all your efforts..😊😊

You are very welcome. Thank you for your support. Stephen

Oh that right it is family to everyone and it has been being greater and greater day by day..You are the one most responsible for giving this platform to steemit by your everyday hardwork..You are the one who has been suppourting us everday ..Thank you..@stephenkendal

that's really a true one i had start steem just today because my sister told me how amazing it really is and im just in love with it here everyone support each other and grow together that's an amazing things keep it up @stephenkendal

Welcome to #Steemit. Stephen

Brilliant post yes we are all like family which look for each other..You are the one who has been making it bigger and bigger day by day..@stephenkendal

No goal is too big or too far ,in the near future steemit is going to explode and people are going to know about it everywhere. It’s a family that will forever keep growing in which you are playing a huge role and are going to play a huge role @stephankendal .thanks and keep it up .we’ll always follow you.

It’s a family that will forever keep growing

I could not agree more. Stephen

You are right Sir, STEEMIT is a very interesting plateform for all of us..this only happened due to all professional and time taker bloggers who spend quality time to make this platform great in all means

thanks sir...:)

before i came here ,i didn't have a idea about awesome steemit is.more and more of my friends are coming here every day .it's really an amazing platform .

Welcome to #Steemit. Stephen

YOUR right sir,steemit will be in the top of even Facebook real's a family that we can count on.@resteem your post

To me as new becomer, be steemian only to write and get money, but after I read your post I so think this is more than just that, steemit more than just earning money from blogs.. thanks for sharing @stephenkendal..

Welcome to #Steemit. Stephen

lol 500 billion is alot

$500 billion is pocket change..!! #STEEM has NO DEBT. What most people fail to understand is that companies like FB are being measured in dollar terms which is a Debt Instrument that has A NEGATIVE VALUE..!! #STEEM could be $500 billion overnight and I would be one of those ones that would not at all be surprised. People really have to understand that the dollar is finished and that FB is not $500 billion because its worth $500 billion, it simply takes 500 billion pieces of worthless garbage to value it..!! Stephen

i agree our steemit is really a big family to us in the past days it's has got its own unique identity which just change the life's of many who are looking for new opportunities im just so happy to know it congratulations @stephenkendal

Yeah, a lot of people who join steemit think that it's just a blogging tool! But it's much more than that. I feel the same way about steemit, it's one big family that's getting bigger every day!

yap sir u have said the hearts will i alos believe that steemit is a family and will be a family if we spread love and love each other and yeh its getting bigger and bigger day by day!

Steemit is just getting started. The future will be enlightened with this project and more people will participate. Thank you @stephenkendal

No doubt sir this is the great platform not only for you but for all of us who are giving quality time and make this platform up to the mark

I hope it going like that always and forever. Soon this platform will gonna hit the so called FB platform

Loving it

Très intéressant votre raisonnement.

Merci beaucoup. Stephen

Yes sir! I am building Darkflame Studios with Steemit!

I’m really happy that our family is growing more and more...i think because of you guys it’s growing because you guys promoting steemit really well....I will learn more from you about steemit sir..@stephenkendal

Yes you right..we become steemit family who always help each other for growing...steemit is growing really fast and i hope it will grow much in future..thanks fo your sport that we can grow together.

Steemit is amazing! Great future ahead!

in steemit, so far at least I have found new friends from various countries in the world. fun!

(Steemit is like one big family to me, and this family is getting BIGGER. Think of some of the Steemit Accounts as "Micro-Businesses" and the +$500 billion Market Capital valuation is easily achievable..!!)
Fully agree with you sir.
I believe in steemit. Its change my lifestyle. ☺✌

sir truly you give a best name truly steemit is extremely a like our family and my opportunity on steemit is decent from my other time and I am upbeat we have awesome individual like you in steemit as our seniours which give us generally helpfull learning and you generally appriciate us when we converse with you and I like your promo work for steem and furthermore every one of us which have numerous wants to finish us dreams from steem and beyond any doubt I am 1000% that steem give me an incredible future and finish my everything dreams

I am sitting tight for a colossal welcome to join steemit and furthermore promo uk

I attempt my best to help you generally on your promo acitivities sir

steem is amazing community and and learn different things to steem community

I am building Darkflame Studios with Steemit!

I agree with you friend. Steemit make very near with othe people on the internet. I give you upvote and follow.. please follew back my friend

congratulations friends hopefully through steemit we can reach the stem as a work.

Resteem and upvoted you. Thanks sir. @stephenkendal

I think same. Steemit is a big family.

If steemit is one big family @berniesanders is that one uncle that is always embarrassing you. Your constantly telling people "He means well"

I'm still new here but I already feel the positive and overwhelming energy. Let's keep it growing!

Hey so seeing how we are family and all can I brorrow $5 for the bus and can I get your wifi password ?

May be useful for everyone, spirit

Steemit is not only a platform with different ethnicity and values but a Family as a whole in which everyone is try to contribute at his/her end to make this place even more better for the welfare of the community.

There are many big names who are promoting steemit at their end and undoubtedly Stephen you are one of those top Authors of the community.

I have been following you to learn new things from you and you are so kind and always boost my level of confidence <3

Such a great idea by great minds <3

"Micro-Business" as a USP for promoting #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain and it is this Initiative that I am looking forward to rolling out.

Looking really forward to learn more and more thing from you Stephen :)
P.S : I couldn't write early due to bandwidth issue ( Forgive me for that )

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

Steemit is amazing..

yes, steemit is not just a platform, it is a big family for me , i really agreee with you this point. i Was joined here in past 30 days.... and i found it to be very useful and exciting community, i just didnt feel that i am 30 days old here, but i feel family like environment.

Good work Sir, your tireless promotion is helping us all. Thank you.

Am really inspired by your creative and informative post i just started following you and am willing to learn from you thank you very much!!!!!!!!

Interestingly, Jeff Berwick's @dollarvigilante was the first to grasp that potential and work it. I still remember the days when @dollarvigilante posts regularly showed up in Trending.

To the early adopter goeth the spoils. I have to say that Mr. Berwick was really quick-witted; he got rewarded for being the first to work the micro-business model.

Come to think of it, do you have any plans to interview Mr. Berwick on how he figured out that Steemit was a micro-business platform? He could prolly give you (and us) good advice in that direction.

wall i saw this post and at that time my power was down i as not able to comment so now i dont know what to say forgat everything .. still loved it thats all

I am happy that your last 17 months have been successful and to me I have spent just a week on steemit and this few days has been awesome. Meeting some amazing like you on steemit, gives me hope to believe in this ecosystem. Congrats to you @stephenkendal

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