Promoting Steem as a Media Partner! Share Talk is a free communications portal sharing Investment information across multiple Social Media Channels. Running Investor Events nationwide giving direct access to network and meet like minded Investors..!!

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#Promo-Steem - Promoting #Steem as a Media Partner - Introducing #ShareTalk to the #Steem Community

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Marketing and Promoting #Steem as a Media Partner

It gives me great pleasure to introduce #ShareTalk to the #Steem Community.

Please join me in giving #ShareTalk a warm welcome to #Steem.

A little bit about #ShareTalk

#ShareTalk is a free communications portal that disseminates factual, impartial information across multiple social media platforms and channels.

Presenting Investor Events nationwide that gives direct access to listed companies representatives enabling you to network and meet like minded people.

Delivering live Crypto Prices and live RNS company news updates.

#ShareTalk Android App – live RNS feed, delivered directly to your mobile devices.

Live company webinar presentations, Q&A and Investor participation.

Studio company in the heart of London tailored for interviews, including Investor questions and input.

Access to an exclusive catalogue of past and present LSE company interviews, Videos, Q&A, Blogs.

Thousands of subscribers that already benefit from their service and a growing network of Investors..!!

#ShareTalk website

For more details about #ShareTalk please visit

Thanks again for reading.



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#Steem #MediaPartner

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Share talk is an awesome platform to keep updated with the latest and trending news in crypto and blockchain sectors including companies news . I will install their app on my phone to receive the latest news on my phone @stephenkendal


@stephenkendal, The way you are promoting Steem and collaborating with different individuals, projects and platforms bringing more value to Steem. Keep up this productive efforts. the moon