Holding a Workshop or Educational Campaign promoting Steem and Steemit costs money. I am looking to Sponsor 100 Steem to help as many Workshops and Educational Campaigns as I can.

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#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote #Steem and #Steemit through Workshops and Educational Campaigns

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Promoting #Steem and #Steemit through Workshops and Educational Campaigns

As #Steem and #Steemit continues to develop, evolve and grow, one area that I am very keen to focus my attention on is the Education of #Steem and #Steemit and what they do.

With a number of Workshops and Educational Campaigns now beginning to take place around the World, having run these Promotional Campaigns myself in the past I know exactly how expensive they can sometimes be.

Raising funds to hold and run these Workshops and Educational Campaigns should never be an obstacle and I am therefore offering to help fund as many of these events as I can.

Banners, T-Shirts, Flyers, Cards, Venue etc

Holding a Workshop or Educational Campaign costs money.

Whether it's the cost of a Banner, some T-Shirts, a bunch of Flyers, a box of Cards or even just the cost of the Venue, it all has to be be paid for.

What I am offering

What I am offering is 100 #Steem upfront to help pay towards the cost of running these events.

Sure, some of these events can sometimes cost a lot more than 100 #Steem but hopefully this contribution would help those looking to run an event in the future if they have been held back in the past due to funding.

All you have to do

If you are looking to organise and run a Workshop or Educational Campaign and would like 100 #Steem to help towards funding, please feel free to leave below as much detail about your proposal as you can.

The more details you can give in your proposal the better.

It would also help if you could breakdown how you would spend the 100 #Steem to give us an idea of your costs.

What I am looking

I am looking for all proposals and specifically those that are targeting Workshops or Educational Campaigns that are associated with Schools, Colleges, Universities, Academies, Communities and Groups.

Helping out as many as I can

Looking forward to reading your proposals and helping out as many of you as I can.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - We need more Promoters.!!

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First of all, many thanks to you @stephenkendal, and other steemit promoters for this course. Second of all, l have been greatly been influenced and highly motivated to embark on a serious steem promo at my society. As a local steem promoter, l look forward to having a promo meetup at a University here in Ghana. In this regard, the many newbies that through my promo has introduced lately to the platform need a steem T-shirt to assist in the promo work. And so l have taken time to design and want to produce some copies of the t-shirt for everyone in the subsequent promo events that are underway. My target audience, they are highly educated and so much into social media activities. This supposes that doing things in an extraordinary way will make the promo work more efficient.

And so l would request for the support of all promoters in any regard to assist me with producing some extra steem shirts which will be given to the various people to offer a hand in the promo work and also give away some free shirts to some of the University lecturers and prominent personalities we may find in the school environment. I believe this in its way will possibly enhance the promo work to receive a lot of people. I share a link to the production of the steem shirts and my support in providing every team member a shirt. We certainly win together.


Thanks for the proposal and thanks for everything that you are doing to support the promotion of #Steem and #Steemit.

I have read your Blog and would be happy to give you the 100 #Steem for your T-Shirts if you added the words "Sponsored by {SK logo}" on the front.

The {SK logo} would be similar to the one below and if you was happy to go with it I will send over the 100 #Steem and artwork so you can get your t-shirts printed.


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That is so good @stephenkendal. I would be glad to receive the (S.K Logo) soon so that l can design a new shirt to that effect and ensure the printing soonest. Many thanks for the support sir. I truly appreciate your daily effort and direction in helping us to make the steem promo a great one.

SK logo (static round) transparent edge.png

Great, a new design will be done soon to that effect. We must express our gratitude to you for your support in #promo-steem. It is so commendable.

Funds have now been sent over.

Good luck with your Campaign.


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Many thanks, sir. This is so useful to the production of the t-shirt in the promotional exercise.

That's awesome news.

I will get the logo and 100 #Steem over to you later today and you can go ahead and have the t-shirts printed.


@stephenkendal, thank you so much for your great initiative. Your help is extremely helpful and very generous!
You are absolutely unselfish in helping everyone who promotes Steemit in internet and in real life.
That deserves a lot of respect for you!
I would like to let you know my contest ends in a week. I have very good promotional messages.
I would love to have the winning post first published on your Twitter page, and we, all participants and other steemians who want to join us, can distribute it on all of our personal Twitter pages.
It would be an act of respect on my part for you.

Sounds like a great idea.

When the #Contest has finished and the winning post chosen, let me know.

I will share it on my twitter feed.

Keep up the great work.


Thank you so much for your beautiful reply, Stephen!
Have a nice day.

I am in full support of this idea from you @vipnata. We all will follow suit in doing the same for such a great gesture by @stephenkendal. I feel so honored to have some t-shirts going to be printed with an inscription to demonstrate his support of promo work in real life. We win together. Thanks for bringing real ideas to life.

@mcsamm, thanks for your kind words. You are right.
Together we can spread Steemit all over the world.

whoever gets this sponsor, I hope they can run the workshop well and continue to do steem promos.
if you want to do a workshop, you can see the examples that we have made, maybe you can make it bigger


regards: Arie

This is so useful, thank you.

That's so true.

Shared on twitter.

Please help to support the promotion of #Steem and #Steemit by sharing your Blogs to twitter.




Sir, i am following your every post from 2 months. You are doing a lot for promoting #steem.You are sponsoring #onehundredsteem for each idea to promote #steem that nobody did without you on steemit.Please continue this great work.Thank you @stephenkendal

To conduct seminars, you need competent people who have been working at steemiti for a long time and have sufficient development experience. Only they can instill confidence in the people who will join us. You're right, workshops and events can provide sustainable growth.

Only workshop can aware people directly about steem and how to use steemit.It will be great to promote #steem by workshop. Thank you for your sponsorship. @stephenkendal

Promoting Steemit is a job that really needs a struggle, and every struggle will result in success, and promoting Steemit can be done individually or in groups, with social media tweter Facebook and others, steemit will be so easy to develop and we can prove it from current results

Indeed a great idea to support events, I appreciate your kindness sir @stephenkendal #promo-steem will going one step ahead and your contribution means a lot. Thank you

Steemit promotion is extraordinary through workshops, and through kompaye is a very good way to promote steemit, so that people can easily get to know steemit, may I make a post in the promoting steemit category. Good luck always @stephenkendal

Great idea @jjjjjjjj, to promote the creation of workshops and educational campaigns for Steemit or rather for us users, to improve our promotion techniques.

The workshops is the most ideal way, but because of the problems of the pandemic (Covid-19) is very difficult to move between states and cities, at least here in Venezuela is so.

The proposal I have for the creation of the workshops, is to use the videoconferencing application ZOOM, since it is free and is one of the lightest in data consumption. The only thing is that these workshops should be done with participants of the same language, for better development.

Greetings and as always I share your publication on my Twitter.


You always doing great job in this community, another wonderful steps, always appreciate your work.
Retweet’s done!

you really care about steem promos, hopefully more people will know about this.

Its a nice idea you have here sir @stephenkendal..

First, before this post, i and my friend @chrisdsteemsport was planning to go to secondary schools (college) and educate young lads and girls about steemit and what the future holds with it.

we planned on giving them T-shirts, face cap and wrist bands that has steemit encrypted on it, but our plans wasn't successful because a task like that requires capital (Funds). But with your help we can bring back the initiative back alive and embark on this journey to lighten up the minds of this young ones..

Hey dude,
I saw a very useful support for steemians promoting steem to many people in your posts.
I have tried it in several areas in my region. And I continue to do steem promos until now.
What should I do to be able to promote Steem so that in the future it will be better?

This is one of my posts in last week's # promo-steem activity



Hopefully, with his clothes, this steem promo will continue to grow, friends, success is always for you. @stephenkendal

We should look for more ideas like this.Its really a great idea for promoting #steem. You are really doing the great work to make a big support on promoting #steem.Thanks @stephenkendal ❤️