Join The Thunderclap Today and Let's Make STEEM Trend on Twitter!

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Creative Commons art by @juliakponsford

The Thunderclap social media campaign will happen on Feb. 13, so sign up today to join the party, and spread the news about STEEM on Twitter and other social media sites. So far we have a reach of 298,000. We can do better!

Go here today to join the Thunderclap:

@fitzgibbon is the mastermind behind this campaign, but we still need your participation in order to make this uber successful! Here is the awesome GIF made by @overkillcoin that will be shared in the campaign:


Here is the Thunderclap as it appears on the @planetsteem Twitter profile:


If youre on Twitter and you're not following @planetsteem there, please start today. We are a community-run Twitter account, tweeting out the best from all over the Steem blockchain, including from Utopian, DTube, Steemit, Busy, dMania, DSound, Slothicorn and other new developments as they occur. @ashleykalila has a background in social media community managing, and she is the main person running the account. There's a diverse team of about 5 people from all over the globe and we believe that diversity of people is our main strength. We also act as a helping hand to new users who run into unsolvable problems like bandwidth issues, etc. Follow us today:

And here are some screenshots showing you what the Thunderclap promo looks like:



A special shoutout goes to @katteasis, who is our biggest supporter so far, with a social media reach of 72,121. @jerrybanfield and all other prominent social media people, please add your names to our supporters and join the Thunderclap today!



Joining the Thunderclap is easy and simple. It only takes like a minute to do this!

Here's @fitzgibbon's original post about this:

Shoutout to @fitzgibbon who took on this initiative! Shoutout also to all my peeps running the @planetsteem community-run Twitter account. You all rock!

And a special shoutout to all the slothys who are rocking the Creative Commons movement! Our Slothicorn Discord channel has over 200 members and growing fast!

And lastly, shoutout to my boy @inquiringtimes who keeps the Slothicorn Discord channel in order. Without him, it would be a mess. Shoutout to my new creative partner, @stevenalexander, who is as you know, co-creating the Steve and Stella Show on DTube. Follow the madness:

Here's a recent blooper video from the Steve and Stella show in case you missed this:


ps- I heard something about someone impersonating me in Discord. On Discord, I am STELLA.

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Amazing post by all standards. I will pick up this challenge and modify it to cause more people to promote steem.I am optimistic @stellabelle the you will see massive response daily. With the power delegated to us we will project your ideologies and help you achieve your goals.


Yeah man I featured hr post ion MY latest post here!

I showed a pic of the post and everything and tagged the artist who made the amazing cover, And i believe she will be a great asset to getting us off the ground, man already your steempower delegation she gave to you is helping team Ghana SO much it takes the burden off me to upvote new users and allows you to upvote a LOT more, now with both of us new uysers are really getting a taste of the good life, something SO impportant to subsidize ,. nw users who get that BOOST wen they join REALLY become dedicated users often!

@stellabelle or anyone else please can anyone help me getting knowledge on why the steem and sbd is getting too much low :( its killing me up ? anyone ?


SBD is low because BITCOIn is low! have you not been paying attention to Bitcoin??? it ALL drops together! its all coming back but Steem is coming back faster than SBD, SBD was artfiically high, dont save them, sell them as you can get them, its all about holding STEEMPOWER and STEEM not SBD! SBD has no garuntee it will ever stay over $1 for very long...

Yes! We need all the help we can get with the Thunderclap! Thank you for posting this Stella, that's absolutely Stellar of you!!


i will be watching carefully to see how our reach grows....we still have Steem celebs on here who have not joined the Thunderclap.


I know, working on it, but I'm currently also quite busy with other things. We still have 8 days left to promote it to the max, this time our goal is to reach at least one million social reach!


@fitzgibbon I check out thunderclap a few weeks ago and I saw that a lot of their plans are paid. I am interested to know if you are going with a free plan or if you tried one that is paid?


hi stella how to join it?


you click on the link above that says, 'click here' and you fill out the form that pops up


Off to promote the Thunderclap EVERYWHERE!!!!


Count me in.

me likey!! resteemed (-:

Awesome! This is the second thunderclap I join for Steem :) Got almost 600 followers on twitter, not a lot but it adds up.


Awesome!! Every single follower helps, so thank you!!

let me also begin the thunderclap here in #teamghana..maybe through most of our numerous meetup..thanks for this initiative @stellabelle


Yes! You are welcome to invite #teamghana to join!!!

Point them here:

Hi again @stellabelle! I commented already, but I'm just letting you know that I have officially launched the Steemit Success initiative in my latest post, which has a primary aim of growing the Steemit community, as well as developing beginners to become succesful on Steemit.

This seems to be something that you are interested in doing, so I would really appreciate your feedback on my latest posts. I am looking for delegated Steem power for the project too, in order to increase my upvote value for the curation part of the project.

I am happy to tell you more about the project if you are interested, I have a full presentation done out and would be happy to share it with you/anyone else interested. Any support at all would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I am hoping to integrate this initiative with promo-steem around Ireland. I have been asked by multiple schools and companies to give talks about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, and I want to put Steemit at the forefront of my talks, and I want to join promo-steem in spreading the word about cryptocurrencies.

Thank you budgets for making a transfer to me for an upvote of 24.40% on this post!

Half of your bid goes to @budgets which funds growth projects for Steem like our top 25 posts on Steem!

The other half helps holders of Steem power earn about 60% APR on a delegation to me!

For help, will you please visit because I check my discord server daily?

To learn more about Steem, will you please use because this URL forwards to my most recently updated complete Steem tutorial?


so funny to see robot jerry banfield

How about Justin Beaver Banfield hybrid?

How about bettlejuice banfild hybrid? Banfieldjuice?

Oh and @stellabele look what I made, @teamsteem went DEEP inside ISIS territory to become a Syrian War Correspondent! We hear he has been kidnapped


ha ha! these are hilarious!

Wow I haven't heard of this movement but surely I would support with all three Twitter account I use nice to see that we are making it .... thumbs up

very excellent video

wow nice post

I like to post you friend

This is great. Off to click all clickables. Well done @stellabee

I'm so in, Feb 13th it is.

This is so exciting!!!

hi, friend your post very helpful for every steemians.i have joined steemit from few days, your supporting very important for me as soon as improved my level.i don,t know about steem bitcoin.thank you alot of your necesasary post..@stellabelle..

Thanks for sharing this @stellabelle - it's great to see such a fantastic combined reach for this project, and I will definitely share it on my social channels - namely Instagram where I have around 5.5K followers.

I'm currently starting my own project, and I am calling it the Steemit success initiative. It is a project in which I am trying to increase the number of user accounts on Steemit, but also increase the amount of daily active users. I just put together a presentation to share with anyone on Steemit who wants it, as I am currently looking for support and delegated SP. Would you be interested in learning more?

Together we can make STEEM, SBD and steemit go to that moon 🚀
Let's do this.

Oh man! You and Steven are so funny together! :) Bloopers gave me a laugh! YAY! For split screens :)

I'm all in Honey! Lets go! Time to get people to know for real about Steemit! Cheers!

Definitely going to follow right away. We are taking Steem to the Moon!

this is really great... goood informative post.... @stellabelle if someone is impersonating you that wd be hilarious..... m gonna look for it....hahahaha

Thanks for the mention :)

Already following planetsteem. Lets send steemit to the world..via thunder clap

I wish I were actually on Twitter so I could participate​! This is so badass, I'm excited to see what comes of it.

I’m already inviting all my friends to join!
Only con is that people signin up now have to wait for weeks!
Luckily I found a post that poured me to steeminvite!!! Through there you can delegate 14,5 SP for the creation of a new account and then the person who you send it to can sign up and join instantly!
Worked for me and three friends already! 🙂
Hope this info helps more people to join!




wait what is this?!?! total social reach??

did she ask for the message or something? How did she trigger this?? And 4,500 WHGAT ?? what is the 4,500 stand for? what is a social reach?> and what were they added to? is this liek a Pocket token or smar media token>?


Lmao! Linked Thunderclap to my Facebook account.


how to link it?

wao.. congratulations witness

Nice promotion work. I'll join in that.

As for the impersonators, they are not just OK with impersonating @aantonop
Something has to be done concerning this. They just go around degrading steemians reputation.

Joined. Resteemed. Spendidery :)

Done! Joined my first Thunderclap. Thanks for sharing this, Stella -- saw your comment on one of @haejin's blogs.

Joining ASAP.

anything that involves the promotion of steem and steemit, count me in.

Let me go around and inform others too

Another amazing idea!
Done and waiting for the impact on the "almost-Valentine-day" :-)

it's good for me, great ;-)

I would tweet but i got no twitter account or instagram, steemit is my main social media... BTW what does the Slothicorn discord Channel consist off?

I don't use Twitter, but please guys, make it Trend!

The One and True God STEEMLORD needs attention, prayers and faithful believers!

Also, my SP going up in value would be a great thing.

Great Post!
The art is amazing.
Thanks for sharing and steem on :)

hi i want to ask you an advice :) i want to make a project trough steemit i think you can help me to start up this project i want to talk with you on discord you can find me with the same username ! thanks

i really like your post and you many people upvote i want to kayak you why every time i post my story and picture or news there is no upvote ????
I want to rise more like you thank

Re-steemed.. I'm not ignoring this😊🔥

I signed up! I had to, to remain married 😉

wow such a great post as i am new to steemit it helped me a lot. cheers

Happy to jump on this :)

its creative i like it!!

I'm share your post on my twitter account Home

I'm in for this, because i always have steemit at heart. You are blessed @stellabelle

Truly phenomenal initiative. Let's make it roar!!!!

I was there in Discord. No one was impersonating you, there was a person that took exception to someone's name that was similar, but even after being told by that person that you two were different, they wouldn't let it go.


So first i have to say, if i misunderstood i apologize for this comment, but if you were there and kicked bleepcoin i am a little angry and youre gonna now hear about it in this comment

I am not trying to mess with you or your posts I just have a little anger and if you DONt wanna deal with it regarding the stelabelle imposter just ignore this commenta nd do NOT continue reading but to defend my friends , bleepcoin a nd stellabelle id like to adress this seemingly nonchalant attitude you seem to have towards possible and probable identity theft on steemiut.

so you were there when they kicked @bleepcoin for simply calling out an imposter?

they wouldnt let it go

Um yeah he and I have a right to talk about it, and the FACT that you CENSORED someone for simply POINTING OUT something like an IMPSOTER talking in your discord chat is VERY suspicious! THIS is why steem was CREATED to avoid cnensorship by people like either you or whoever was mod of that discord room .... also thats why no one with any serious steempower ever comes to that terrible discord room , it sounds like a terrible place where obviously imposters are defended and actual whales are kicked and told to fuck off when they are simply trying to warn EVERYONE that this is NOT the real stellabelle in that chatroom AND THEY HAD A RIGHT TO KNOW

Youre going to have to excuse my anger right now, because this makes me VERY angry

How dare you let people impersonate stellabelle nd just get away with it, and then get upset at the guy trying to WARN others about the impersonating by stating "hge wouldnt let it go" that really p[isses me off man, why are you being like this??

its NOT just a similar name,. ITS IMPERSONATION you CANNOT run around with the name "stellerbelle" and NOT impersonate stellabelle sorry, this social network is WAY too small for people to be trying to squat an existing BRAND name tht she actually built up from scratch and its 100% obvious to me what someone is trying to do when they pick a name THAT close to hers.... . we do NOT accept impostors and we have a certain special little something called @steamcleaners that has zero tolerance for IDENTITY THEFT

i am SORRY you CANNOT just take the name of a VERY big well known whale and just start impersonating them ESPECIALLy on DIscord where people ASSUME it is the REAL stellabelle

because thats WHAT hapens, peopel ASSUME it is the ACTUAL whale named stellabelle who MATTERS and this person is going around making noobs believe they are talking to an important steem whale.

I would NOT want someone going around with the name akcza pretending to be me, or ackzaa or Akza or Ackzza or anything CLOSE to my name while making posts pretending to be me or ACTING ANYTHING like me, beause with less than 1 million users the likleyhood of someone else needing that name for real is so low, its just so obvious its done for nefarious purposes.. JUST like the scammer accounts @bloocktrades @blocktradess @blocktraades and so on and so on so many mispelled blocktrades type accounts exist and they are ALL setup to scam innocent people who make typos... assholes like that WILL get flagged by steemcleaners and i will have nothing to do with it, i am just telling you how steem works man... this stuff is not tolerated by the people with steempopwer!

It is NOT ok, this i a SMALL community, impersonators are NOT allowed to get way with PROFITING off the Good NAME and REPUTATION opf others

There is a REASOn that bleepcoin didnt drop it, its a serious subject and stellabelle NOR I nor ANY dolphin or whale NEEDS people IMPERSONATING them on DISCORD

ITS NOT OK i dont CARE how "similar the names" seemed... no there is no similar name here... its STRAIGHT UP identity theft now admit it or you will end up looking like your DEFENDING the identity theif

Why dont you tell us who this person is? why are you trying to defend this imposter? No one just comes to a new social media site and picks a name THAt similar unless their intent is to impersonate and make MONEY off that established brand.

AGAIN I apologize for my anger, i dont want to cause much drama ui just HAVE to explain why bleepcoin was making such a big deal out if this!

as a victim of identity theft of my financial paypal baknking and even reddita nd gmail info in 2014/15 i can say its no fun to have people running around on website slike Reddit with the name ZACKZA when my name is ACKZA and catching impsoters MAKING BITCOIN deals in MY NAME which they would then screw over and leave ME looking like the scammer, ITS NO FUn so i just want to make SURE that we KNOW how these situations AL:WAYS end when someone makes an account that is just 1 or two letters away from a large well known account... its almost NEVER innocent

So I apologize for this anger, maybe you meant well and had no intention of defending someone trying to impersonate her, maybe stellerbelle is honestly just using the name because she thinks its cool too/ its still not right because obviously it creates confusion and people will come to her thinking its the REAL stelabelle with the actual high steempower.. the real whale account... and i just believe its obvious why someone made the account seem so similar to stellabelle... to virtually steal her identity.. maybe I am wrong but i just see this happen so often


There was zero identity theft. The person has never claimed to be this Stella. I'm not trying to defend anyone. I'm explaining what happened. In fact, there was a time that Stellabelle was IN MSP for an interview and they had a bit of a chuckle. Since the person does not use the same name, nor has ever claimed or attempted to make people believe that they are the same, then you are only projecting what you feel has happened. I kicked Bleepcoin, not because of the claim, but because after many warnings to drop the issue after the above had been explained by just about everyone in the room that knows the person in question. They wouldn't listen and was bordering on being harassment.

Instead of doing due diligence and investigating to see if there was identity theft, Bleepcoin just started making the accusation, much as you are now, with nothing to back it up except anecdotal evidence based on what happened to you once. So as your opening line says, I accept your apology.


All of that said, if there was TRUE identity theft happening, we wouldn't tolerate that for one minute.

Let me innn haha thank you for the post :)

That is alot of really amazing stuff going on for steemit.

Steemit all the way.
Great post tnx for sharing I just upvoted.
Check out my new posts if you can plz
upvote resteem comment @gclipse

Wow great news
Wonderful information.
I apreciate your post @stellabelle

Hello ,I'm Follow you and upvote 100% ..Please mutual Upvote and Comment the Post

Nice post its so amazing ... ...

I've signed up for the Thunderclap! Thanks for the opportunity to help.

wow,i will be glad to join this great move. It is high time i have to spread my tentacles down to twitter as well. Because steemit is all about spreading and getting more socialize

YES! Guess what? I've been doing that already on my Visionary Art Twitter - most of the artists I share lately are Steemit members, and again, most are also members of my network of Visionary Artists - and hopefully more will join up!
Glad I found this post on @mammasitta
following, upvoted and resteemed

I am in for this... Been waiting for this revolution

This is a really great initiative.
I'd gladly support this trend....

Beautyfull steem flowers

Woohoo! Think this is the second Steemit thunderclap I've joined. I'm no @jerrybanfield, but every little bit helps right? Thanks for sharing @stellabelle :)

You got it

I loved Steve & Stella! Off to follow @planetsteem on twitter...cheers

30k , let’s make it happen within two weeks !! Keep the Steem spirit alive in all of us

It’s hard to come by well-informed people in this particular topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks