Promo-UK Steemit Freshers Week Roadshow - Volunteers Needed

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Dear All Steemians in the UK! This blog details the final route and dates of the #promo-uk team's Steemit UK university freshers week tour from Monday 18th Sept to Thursday 12th October! We will promote steemit at a total of 22 universities and will be at each place with our team of steemit promoters and our great steemit attitudes to tempt as many new students as possible onto the platform! Each day we plan to start at 11.00am and finish between 15.00 and 18.00 (depending on how it is going).


Please see the summary video for our tour here:

We are armed with @stephenkendal's banner and our fantastic method of promoting steemit, where we approach students in our steemit t-shirts, explain a bit about the platform, take selfies and leave them with business cards that contain QR codes and links to steemit welcome blogs!


The promo-uk team has worked hard over the past few weeks to come up with exact times, locations for meeting and a route around all of the major UK universities.

buz cards.png
HERE is our blog receiving the business cards,t-shirts, mugs, caps etc.

HERE is an example of how our promotion model works:

The table below shows the dates that we plan to be at each university:


We are calling all steemians to action, even if you can only spare a few hours to come help us promote steemit, it would be really great if you could come on down to meet us at your local university and go a bit crazy with us telling everyone about steemit!!


Should you wish to help out and would like to get in touch please use the BATPHONE where you will find @stephenkendal ready to help you out!! +44 (0)7546 957 973


We are providing free T-shirts to anyone willing to help out and to any person who signs up to steemit there and then and agrees to wear the steemit shirt for the rest of the day

Meet up locations, times and dates

We will meet at the front of the students' union building of each university at the times shown in the maps below:


2017-09-18 Manchester.png


2017-09-19 Liverpool.png


2017-09-19 Preston.png

Sheffield University

2017-09-20 Sheffield.png

Sheffield Hallam

2017-09-20 Sheffield Hallam.png


2017-09-21 Leeds Uni.png


2017-09-22 Bradford Uni.png


2017-09-22 Huddersfield Uni.png

University of Birmingham

2017-09-25 Birmingham (Edgbaston) Uni.png

Aston University

2017-09-25 Birmingham (Aston) Uni.png


2017-09-26 Worcester Uni.png


2017-09-27 Loughborough Uni.png


2017-09-28 Nottingham Uni.png


2017-09-29 Warwick Uni.png


2017-10-02 Portsmouth Uni.png


2017-10-03 Southampton Uni.png


2017-10-04 Cardiff Uni.png


2017-10-05 Bristol Uni.png


2017-10-06 Bath Uni.png


2017-10-08 Oxford Uni.png


2017-10-09 Cambridge Uni.png


2017-10-12 Lancaster Uni.png

Help us Promote Steemit #promo-uk Team Freshers Week University Promotion Tour
Please support this initiative here and on our blogs in order to allow us to pay for fuel, t-shirts, flyers, pens, steemit mugs, hats and other important promotional items in our MONSTER effort to get the word about steemit out there!

Please follow the #promo-uk team to help us promote steemit!
The following amazing steemians have been using thier own funds, time and energy to promote steemit in their own time!!

Stephen @stephenkendal Matt @Starkerz, Dylan @Anarcotech, Curtis @Crypto-Curt, Steve @TecAV, Karl @McKenzie259, Kiran @TheMeanBean, Zoltan @zoltanbristol, Jonathan @JonathanYoung, Adam @Adamm, Richard @MajorLeeBlunt @Rea and Ashley @ashleypeat


See you guys at Sheffield!!!

Are you coming @tumutanzi? I am going to be at that one at 11 am, I can only spare about 3 hours but I think it would be good to join in this campaign to make steemit amazing. I am bringing my video camera too, I am going to do all I can to attract more people here.

Yes, I will be at the Sheffield Student Union. See you then. 11am.

yes mate you will. so I get to meet you before saturday the 30th :)

This is GREAT news! in order to contact us (if you need) you can call @stephenkendal's bat phone on 07546 957973 also @tumutanzi and @artonmysleeve, what are your Tshirt sizes as we will give you free steemit t-shirts for coming along!

I'm in a xxl t-shirt size mate, put weight on after getting married. lol cheers. I will be there on wednesday at 11am I have to get my doughter at 3.30pm so I will be leaving in time to get her. looking forward to this. sounds like a lot of fun. If your around on saturday the 30th we are having a meet up too if you fancy coming :)

Good, I will join your event at Sheffield University (the Student Union) at 11:00 am. See you guys then and there.

Sure, then we have a meetup on 30 September.

I would like to join you there, I am from Sheffield and would love to advertise steemit to new and old people and add them to the community. please send me more information, please. thanks


good luck guys!! amazing!!

Thank you very much! I hope that we can stop off for some of your amazing looking apple caramel lava cakes along the way!!

If I was home in the UK, I would so volunteer for this! Im so disappointed that i am missing out, would of loved to of been part of this! Awesome job guys! Keep it up!

Hey @haylienonearth! you ahve a great blog! keep it up! thank so much for your words above! should you be interested, please see nottingham last thursday. its on to Portsmouth, Southampton, Cardiff, Bristol, Bath, Oxford and Cambridge next ;)))) STEEMON!!

Any one coming on 9/Oct Cambridge University?

yes! I will be there, and i understand that another steemian @molometer plans to come help out at Cambridge on 09-Oct-2017 as well. Still ok @molometer?
Check out the blog that @artonmysleeve did about our success in Sheffield today HERE if you are interested to find out more!

Thanks, so could I know the exact time & place on 9/Oct? I am going... I live in Cambridgeshire so this is something that I don't want to miss..... BTW, @tumutanzi and me are best friends :)

hehe! you are a lucky man to call him your best friend! the location is in the map above under Cambridge. we will meet out side of front of Cambridge graduate union at 11.00am on 09-Oct. Is that ok or need further explanations?

Hey @justyy, Just checking, are you still ok to meet up next monday 09-Oct at 11.00am in Cambridge?. is that still ok with you sir? it would be great to meet on steemit chat so we can exchange numbers.

Hi, I am the guy that rang you on 2nd October, 2017.

hey dude! for your idea, I suggest checking steemit to see who else is doing prediction markets / betting, interact with them, advertise teh fact you have a coin / system that allows for prediction markets, see what up take you have, also take a look at @sndbox as this is a place with a lot of steem power where users can come together to discuss ideas and network and maybe recovery funding.

Hey @justyy, Just checking, are you still ok to meet up next Monday 09-Oct at 11.00am in Cambridge?. is that still ok with you sir? it would be great to meet on steemit chat so we can exchange numbers.

I like the idea, you guys really know how its done, this will be successful. Wish I was there to help. tip! post

It's great what you guys are doing!

I'd love to help, I'm based just outside of London (NW Surrey), so all of these locations are at least a 1.5 hr drive away, but will try and see if I can make it to either the Southampton/Portsmouth ones.

Would be great to meet some of you guys as well :)

GREAT!! Will be GREAT to catch you on the tour!

So looking forward to it!

oh yes! looking forward to being looked after by the north on the weekend we are in and around leeds, bradford and huddersfield!! :)

That is an impressive schedule there @starkerz - hope it all goes well.

Sorry I can't get along, but the nearest one is over 3 hours away from me.

Good luck and have fun 😊

No worries mate! thanks for taking a look!

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