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Good night steemians.
To night i wanna tell you about our discussion with Mr.@dsatria


The discussion was not separated from the problem of steemit. Mr.@dsatria said that steemit could be agreat bussiness.
He also told that how important a reputations of an account in steemit.


After he told it he also taught us how to write a good article. It made me very motivated and increased my spirits to make a better article.
He also told us about the function of tag, because the tag is very worked on an article.


The proof of perfection is a very satisfactory result, the quality is emphasized bassed on a good creativity if the steemians have principles to reinforce better post quality, so be sure that the bussiness will not betray the results.

Hope you enjoy this article


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Good job. Be your self buddy. One day one post. Keep posting always sharing.

Thank you sir. I hope you can share more about steemit to other

Your post is very nice,i m very happy reading your post,thanks for posting........

Thank you. I'm happy to hear it. I hope my post will increase our spirit to write a better article more and more

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