My friends and I remain faithful with steemit

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Assalamualaikum best friend steemit, healthy !!. Hopefully healthy everything, amen .. yes, a few more hours in time sahur, then it do not forget sahurnya. Special this morning, let me post my writing, the contents are below. Hopefully entertaining steemian.

Although my age in flatform steemit still the age of corn, but here I am present quite gradually over time. Feel good and happy to have adorned my days since joining into the people of steemit.

All the positiv experience I've achieved here even though just looking and reading all the works that are present in this flatform. May my friendship with eternal steemit forever.

Indeed, everything I've been through really coloring my life and impressed to move myself for the better. Initially, before knowing steemit the sense of lazy writing helped reap, but when familiar with this flatform the sultry feeling kept burning in my mind to give birth to a paper.

In the acquisition of knowledge in steemit this certainly will not be forgotten for the services and insights that I have gained here. The existence of steemit is very useful to all of us. Thanks to the steemit creator, whatever the problem, I remain faithful to using steemit.

Given its usefulness, my initiative invites some friends to join and utilize this social media. On that occasion, all the explanations I have told about the usefulness of steemit.

In fact, the effort I have done has paid off, some relatives and friends have signed up to join this steemit, only they have to wait to get a reply from steemit to get account password, legal requirement to be a citizen of steemit.

The time when the beginning moves in steemit, the result I get is actually not only a material advantage, but the most amazing is the science I get. Only a few months to move, already a hundred posts have been created, start ugly to a little good .. Hehehhe. Friend fight.

Although not as good as other steemian, but did not make me back from this medsos world. Instead, the more clever they are, their tracks become magnets for me.

At that time, exactly three months ago, I also managed to invite some friends to take advantage of this facility. As for them, @dedymesslo, @desnovic, @vinnovic. Instead, I recently invited my best friend, @manchanovic and @gunnovic.

Their existence really makes me happy, because they are family, friends and friends. I hope they can pursue the traces of steemian seniority. They are people who have a lot of experience in this steemit.

And my hope, those who are legitimate become the people of steemit to remain faithful to using steemit. Here not only the material we get but the science of abundant, then never leave the steemit and must be faithful to use it.


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