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Recently, i wrote a post and also about preaching the gospel just to ensure all the steemians in the world got know about what SIN2 is. I made it know the update will be a continuous exercise till the mission is achieved.

As the day is faster approaching, just 49days to go, more preaching is required to be done so as to let steemians at hosting home and as well in overseas know how the program will go.

Steemit In Nigeria SIN2 date has been fixed to commence on 30th day of October, 2018 till 4th November, 2018 which the location scheduled to be in the capital city of Nigeria ABUJA my calculation here is just 49days left.


More preaching about SIN2 also going on others social platform so as to enable those yet to join steemit to know what steemit mean, and also can be got the attention of many to this great family of Steemit. Other platform and links include

Twitter: @steemitin9geria

Steemit in Nigeria

and also

Instagram: @steemitinnigeria

The above handler can be spread and follow so as to reach a wide coverage.

Special thanks to the following Steemian’s for their amazing support so far on most Nigeria communities.
@surpassinggoogle @donkeypong @demotruk @ausbitbank @surfyogi and to also @dimimp.

Efforts of the following Steemian’s are also recognized for ensuring SIN2 gospel is heard everywhere in the world:

Please let the good work continue in anticipating the best result at the end of it all.

Pictures from

Until another time for updating SIN2 gospel,

I’m 👇👇👇


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