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Hi ... steemian friend of the world.
What is it today?
hope you are always healthy and more enthusiastic in working.

today I would like to write about the presentation invitation from @stephenkendal; on The Clock Trader Live Webinar Round
I can not wait to see what Professor from Promo-steem @stephenkendal will say that very happy to have convinced investors to attend the show crypto london

why should I look forward to the Round the Clock Trader Live Webinar?
because @stephenkendal will malakukan Presentation will last for about 45 minutes and will cover a number of topics, including: #Steemit, # dMAmapping⇗⇗⇗⇗⇗⇗, #Cryptocurrency, #Blockchain and #Investing.
and preparations are ready.

for more information you can see
Best regard to @stephenkendal and @starkerz


Apa @stephenkendal akan memilih kita yang memilih #promo-steem

@stephenkendal and @starkerz pasti memilih kita yang setia pada #promo-steem

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