always doing a promo-steem to the countryside

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active as they usually do a #promo-steem to the countryside. in this meeting I do a #promo-steem to tangkang cangkur village .. in this meeting not much I'm talking about .. just a few words that can make it sensible .. the first #steemit is a social media that is very different from other social media .. such as facebook, instagram, line and also other .. but steemit formed as a means of giving rewards to others .. bring success with the work and skills we have .. and most important is a profitable social media steemit .. other explanation we do not will be able to understand if we are not inside her .. !! ** why I always do #promo-steem. ** ?? I want everyone to learn and get results in steemit. I can not help them any other way. because I also like them .. I just do a #promo-steem to invite them to succeed in #steemit ..
we do not benefit if we are not in it .. as long as I can I will continue to do #promo-steem to people out there .. because there are still many of them do not know about #Steemit ..

we as small fish and small teams who want to grow in promo-steem. still needs the full support of the team and the founders of @stephenkendal @starkerz @anarcotech and @steem-ambassador world promotions. thank you
Thank's for visiting my blog hope you like it

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Keep up the hard work!


Thank's @dynamicgreentk for your support. I'm always doing this for my country

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Go @kamalhann! keep it up!