Our STEEMnulog Tarp | A Banner for our Steem Campaign during Sinulog Festival

in promo-steem •  2 months ago

If you have been following me for a couple of months now. You may have noticed this project that we did before. We joined the grandest festival in Cebu and one of the best in the Philippines - Sinulog. To incorporate our vision of promoting Steemit to Cebu community as a leading platform aiming to revolutionize the social media. We joined Sinulog and set-up a booth for the event. We call it :

STEEMNULOG = Steemit + Sinulog

This was the design created by @deejee to be used as a Banner for the Sinulog event. We were lucky to have an area to promote Steemit to individuals. There, we provide free signage, Promo-steem flyers, brief orientation, pictorials and there I was also distributing Steemit Shirts.

It was a fun event and an amazing full display of colors. I certainly hope to host more activities in the future. Just a little rise of Steem and the hype will be here explaining the full details of Steemit and Steem as a cryptocurrency.

Hoping to Organize another Steem event soonest!

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