Day 3 :Supporting the Steem Social Media Blast Day with Tim Cliff, Promo-Steem & Oracle-D

in promo-steem •  2 months ago

I have always shared about Steemit ever since I joined the platform, almost all my social media is filled with Steemit links and images!


This last days have seen a Steem blast on my Facebook Account and pages,i have also been blasting on Twitter as i shared previously here.

The shared the Steem Blast links on my two personal pages which have reached roughly 250

people only!


I promoted the link by @timcliff to my Jarau Moses Facbook page as shown below.

As you can see above,it reached 241 people.

You can check out the post here below from my page!

I also shared to my other page called Digital Pal as shown below.This page has a few likes and it got less views

It has only 39 people reached!

You can check out the post below

I also replied on CZ Tweet as i always do,i have always followed him and hoped may be he could see my reply,which i am not sure!

You can check out his tweet here

I replied to that tweet as shown below

You can check out my reply here below

The analytics are shown here below.

This tweet received 324 impressions....


Impressions 604


I really love participating in this Steemblast as it helps us ll on the Steem Blockchain.I have always promoted Steem and will continue even if the Steem blast ends.!

I love promoting Steem and all its other DApps.



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