Update 2 #Promo-STEEM contest: Announcing New Promoters And The Winners of Week 1!!

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It has been a week now since the annoucement of my contest and I want to thank you all for showing your support so far and also I also want to thank the promoters for their dedication. I wanted to post yesterday but I couldn't because I was working on a concept for a project that has yet to come! I have talked with @starkerz about it, and he and me were very excited about it! I don't want to reveal much yet but it's going to be great!

EDIT: The initial proposal for the project has been made here: https://steemit.com/promo-steem/@starkerz/promo-steem-an-initial-proposal-for-the-next-step

Without further ado let's get to this week's update. We have a total of 5 interests of people wanting to join the list! For me that's an amazing amount for the first week! I have been barely able to keep up. Today I will announce only one promoter. The others I still have to talk to or validate. Also there were some spanish promoters, so that will be a challenge as I have been using Google translate..... I think I need to find an interpreter 😅.

I will come for the other promoters soon, so hold on!

The New Promoters: Girl power!

This energetic and also my dear ocd-colleague @meanmommy33 started a projects 2 days ago to get more women to Steemit. Yes guys, only women.

Her reason for this came after Steemfest:

While looking around the crowd at SteemFest, I realized that the proportion of men and women wasn't really ...let's say 'fair'. Of course, I guess it's normal, since most women, if they don't have boyfriend into crypto (thanks babe @creutzy ! ;) ), they don't know much about it.

She rightly points out that there is an unequal distribution of men and women now on Steemit. There are no exact numbers on this, but I also have noticed this. Most hot and trending posts are made by men. Perhaps it is as @meanmommy33 points out:

Most of my girlfriends... around the globe, have no idea what crypto is and when I start to explain they say it's complicated and get easily bored.

Men are generally more intested in tech stuff so it's only natural we see more men here. However I noticed in chat that the ratio is pretty much 1:1 between men and women. So I guess when it comes to the social aspect women do like to be here.

At the moment they have a discord channel called "steemcraze" as they don't have a definitive yet. They already have two members on board @teodora and @osm0sis!

I think this is a great initiave! And that is why I have added them to the list!

You have our full support!

@meanmommy33 is ready to bring the women to Steemit!
Photo credit: @creutzy

Free customized video service!

A fellow Steemians has reached out to us to offer his great service. For all promoters out there @rocking-dave offers to make a free promotion video! In my first update post he made this comment:

The quality of his videos and animations is amazing, check it out!
Here is one of his videos:

We are going to be working together on the project. I am sure his videos are going to be a massive support for #promo-steem!

Winners of the contest

The payout for the post was 19 SBD.

I promised to give 50% (=9.5 SBD) to the participants who met the following criteria:

  • Commented on 3 different posts of the promoters
  • Re-steemed this post
  • Comment "I pledge to support the Steemit Promoters!" below

So congratz to: @ryoplasmic, @eonwarped and @ozhiya!

The other 50% is going to the fund to support upcoming and current promoters:

The amount of the fund is displayed on my profile:

@promo-negeria's project for promotion in schools

I have promised to donate 10 SBD to @greatness96 for his project. They need around 150 SBD to buy t-shirts and flyers. As I remember correctly around 30 SBD will be enough for flyers however their supplier of t-shirt asks around $20 for each. They will try to look for a new supplier, as it is hard to find one locally.

If any of you have something left please donate to these awesome guys! Visit their Steemit page

Winner of the weekly 10 SBD prize

The first week's the winner is.......Nobody!! Because there were no creative entries!

Guys what's wrong?! Was my description too vague or was it hard to think of something? Haha... either way it's just the first week so I forgive you all.

I decided to put half of the prize in the fund and the other half goes to all the other people who have showed support for this contest.

This contest will continue for another 4 weeks

Entries for this week are to be placed below here!

Below are the rules:


I've made a list below of Steemians who are promoting Steemit from all over the world! I will be awarding 10 SBD each week to a person who gives great support to the promoters, which can be done by a combination of upvoting, commenting, posting, re-steems and any other creative ways! You can post your contributions here below, but don't post your comments, upvotes and re-steems, I will see them as I am checking the promoters' pages.

In addition, 50% of the liquid rewards from this post will be used to support the promoters either by buying delegation/votes or funding. The other 50% gets divided to all participants in this contest who have at least:

  • Commented on 3 different posts of the promoters
  • Re-steemed this post
  • Comment "I pledge to support the Steemit Promoters!" below

I will check if participants have met the conditions!

The list of Promoters

  • @promo-nigeria
  • @samiwhyte - This guy is trying to build a community! He wants to do that by eductating newcomers to steemit, to help others eventually. Quoting:

You must spend time training newbies to become effective leaders who will train others in the future.
For them to grow, you must devote your time to mentor them to bridge the gap between assumption and reality.

The next winner is announced on sunday on 19 November.

If you belong in the list let me know in the comments! Or contact me on steemit.chat @futurethinker

Let's get Steemit mainstream!


  • Thanks for promoting steem follow --Steemambassador--.
  • @omar-hesham from #promo-egypt

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    Looking forward to doing my little part to make this project as great as can be :D Pretty excited about the future of steem :)

    Thank you for your support dave :)

    Exciting times indeed. The future looks bright with these promo movements :)

    @futurethiner, could I also propose the following steemians get included in the list at some point if it is not too much trouble? they have all done great promo work in the past and will likely continue into the future.

    Thank you @starkerz, I forgot to ask you about the list you had on your presentation. I couldn't read some of the names haha.

    Oh my that's alot of promoters to be added. I will have a look at them :)

    Thanks @starkerz. I appreciate it.

    Hi @futurethinker. Would be very much happy to join the team!


    I noticed on Matts blog you were in charge of promo curation.

    If you need some help I'd like to get involved.


    Thank you for offering your support!

    How can I contact you?

    I am on steemit.chat and and discord.

    discord is fine, i have the same username and am in a variety of channels. Cheers!

    I can't find you bro.

    Can you send me a message futurethinker #8830 :)

    my issue right now is the weather and no current events to promote steemit till spring hits. But I do wear my steemit gear out and about, and drive around in my van with my STEEM and Steemit decals.
    I personally like to tell people in person about steemit more than through the computer because it is easier for me that way.

    How do they react at first? :)

    There are two reactions I seem to get. Interest or people convinced it is too good to be true so it must be a scam.

    Haha yeah it kinda sounds like a scam hehe

    Great idea from @meanmommy33 ! I have the same problem when I talk to my girl friends, they just tune out when it comes to this tech stuff, although I think they could do great on the social platform. Also we women often show resistance when we get 'mansplained'. So one way to support could be women that are already 'bigger fish' explaining to new women.

    Hey why don't you join her project?! @geenaizzy :)

    Thank you for Using #promo-steem tag, Promote steemit by inviting your friends and your family!

    Hello @futurethinker

    I'm @honourmaus, I'm also a great promoter of steemit, and I've been trying my best to promote steemit in my university ( Lautech ), a university of over 30 thousand students.....

    My plan since the school resume is going to every department and bring 10 students from each level to steemit ( well, that's just the minimum target I set for my self )

    Lautech Have 7 Faculties
    Lautech Have 34 Departments
    170 Level

    So, My Primary Aim is getting more than 1700 Undergraduate of the school on board....

    I will publish a post with regard that Sir...

    @honourmaus Thank you for reaching out. I will keep my eye on you :)

    I keep my eyes on you

    I'm sure you won't be disappointed

    Awesome initiative here @futurethinker. I'm in!

    Great one @futurethinker
    You are really doing a great job supporting Promoters
    Your effort has encouraged us to do more

    Thank you! You guys deserve it!

    Thanks very plenty, @futurethinker for this great initiative and your beautiful support to promoters.

    No problem @greatness96!! There is more to come, stay tuned buddy :)

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    wow this is really cool :)

    Great to see some momentum building around this contest!! @futurethinker, have you seen @roseri, she is also doing a similar contest, but in spanish, I wonder if it would be worth contacting her to see if she can help out here...

    Yes I've seen her contest. I am talking to her brother.

    Hello friend, I am very happy with this initiative that will make an impact. thank you for mentioning me as a promoter, from now on I offer you my help. my brothers are doing an excellent job of promotion in Venzuela, I am supporting them from here in Brazil. I am working with the Brazilian community although it has not been easy because I have not gotten support from the users with the greatest reputation in that community, but with these projects I think we can join forces and we can do a lot.

    I wonder if there is a possibility to bring this competition of @futurethinker to the Brazilian & Venezuelan community in some way.

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