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Yes. am the one who went away, playing my basic role as a husband and a father. I just got wedded a week ago. As responsibilities called I had to stop my developments, projects for a while and gave my beautiful wife @empirefashion all the required attention.

I'm glad to have @kinggodwin @michealcj @dula @efepng (Who was my bestman) and others who graced my occasion. It was great to know that steemit members actually love you not just online but came physically even with their busy schedules.

Our honeymoon was well spent although short. We agreed to go on a vacation soon.
Here are some pictures from our wedding moments.











Thank you for voting me as a Witness My shout out to @nairadaddy @akintunde @air-clinic @steemnaira community @dante31 @surpassinggoogle for all your supports and kind gestures towards me and my wife. You're all wonderful and for all who have been supporting me in other ways both on the blockchain and off the blockchain. Steem/Steemit will live long. Keep Steeming thank you to all witnesses and whales for keeping this awesome blockchain alive.

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Hahahahahaha. Oga how was your honey moon I pray mine will come soon


Yours would come, only when you call it a project... I will be there live to enjoy the moment. Marriage is sweet I must tell you


That soon could mean, when u become a whale. Lol

Great post, i enjoyed ..!!

do not forget check in the best post of @ziapase .. :) :)


Thank you for passing by.. Have done so

Welcome back bro


Thank you @ayahlistic good to see you're making progress... Keep it up bro

Welcome, bro. Good to have you back.
Happy married life to you and your wife @empirefashion.
The Lord will sustain your new home.

You are both looking beautiful together.


Thank you so Much Ma. Amen

So Lovely @doctorvee
Congrats once again, nice to have you back.

I think I should look for a wife on steemit, here is a better society with more refined individuals.


Yes, steemit is a wonderful platform, my wife resumed posting yesterday. She couldn't be more happier

Lovely photos you got sir

Enjoy your marriage

I hear say dem dey vote you as a witness, na true?

Me self dey think of getting narried

Kongratuleshon boss


Yes ma brother @mrposyble dem dey give me the vote ...I carry waka come enter the thing. Make you kuku go find better okpeke Baba Godee go bless you! Amiiii