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I am elated, thrilled and ecstatic at the turn up of people who came in for the Abuja Steemit Seminar organised by the admin of @abuja-steem. For weeks we planned a meet up, an event that would bring steemians who reside in Abuja, Nigeria under an umbrella. Believe me when i tell you that people came from neighboring states such as Niger, Nasarawa and Benue. Our guest speakers came from as far as Delta, Lagos and Cross River state. It was definitely a national event.


As the only lady in the admin, I was charged to handle the refreshments. Thank God for @surfyogi who sponsored the event, that aspect did not have any issues as the invited participants had a lot to eat and drink.
Our guest speakers were on point. They delivered flawless speeches touching all aspects of steemit including: Utopian, Dtube, Dsound and blogging. They also motivated the minnows on compulsory steemit virtues such an:

  1. Building relationships
  2. Perseverance
  3. Carving a niche for your steem account
    A point that was drilled into the minds of the participants was the fact that Steemit was not a quick fix, they must exercise patience in building up their reputation in the community. All the guest speakers really motivated the crowd, Yes, there was a crowd! They also shared their experiences .

It was truly enlightening.

I made new friends, I learnt new things and i am just grateful to God for a smooth event.

**I am am thankful to


for coming to abuja to educate minnows and prospective participants.**

I do not want to make this post long as there would be another part.

#Enjoy the photos. I would be posting videos and some other pictures later, I just wanted to share this with you all.#




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Such incredible works. I like to see everyone learning how to help each other and themselves.
I consider STEEM the new model of the internet and a gift to mankind. So I'm all in on steem and steemit education.

This is the light at the end of the tunnel folks, so tell your friends, become involved and start using it to make your living in life.

This is the first time I've seen real opportunity to simply educate myself and fund my life at the same time. Amazing!


Steemit is truly a game changer. It pains me when I can't convince people to join in because of their experiences with ponzi schemes.

Thank God it was a success. Forever grateful for your support. 😊 ♥


yes steem really is a game changer and @surfyogi here has been helping my work with team Ghana much, because of him and the thousands of dollars hes sent to us working for Team Ghana so that Ive been able to distribute thousands of dollars in steem to different projects across Ghana and hope to work with @xpency on something in Nigeria too (but hes doing vry well and I hope to help him acquire huge steempower delegation from @steemit or @ned because he really does deserve it for what he is doing to give Steemit inc a really good image around the world, no one will deny steemit's benefit to the developing worlds low income people who need the most help after seeing the work the African steemit community does... and just seeing the effect steem has on their personal financial lives... it really helps craft a global middle class!

Steem is shaping a Global Middle Class that is economically financially linked with better tools than teh world central bankers and prvious elites, now we have thse tools so we are creating a global grass roots cokmmunity where the money of the third world is basiclaly united to become one very large first world level economy!

About explaining steem and showing people it is not a ponzi, You have to show them diagrams of how steempower works, how its held up by ivestors and peopel who hold and do not sell thir stake, demand for steem goes up more than new supply is created and those in charge have no incentive to print up too much extra steem, or theur own steempower will be worthless

we realy do need videos that explain how steempower works , and we will be commissioning Animators like @web-gnar to create animations both short GIFs and long video forms to express and describe the steem blockchain from witness nodes to steempower to upvotes to delegation, in a visual way with flowcharts and animations that explain how it all works in a simple easy visual way. Then w will get the masses onbaord

we can even create a steem for kids that helps steem seem simpel enugh for kids to earn "points" playing games, @boycharlieplays is working on something like this, and a steem arcade, very col stuff

soon we will have large scale scavanager hunts and city wide puzzles and searches where ewe will put $100 in like 5 or 10 places around a city with a puzzle and clues that have to do with the steem blockchain quizes that have to do with steemit and we will have a lot of fun watching videos of people looking for the hide $100 bills finding all the clues and stuff it will be so fun!

so many amazing things we wil be able to do with steem using these locl meetups!

i cannot wait to get a drone, and hve it drop $100 worth of local currency all over a big public area and record the video upload it to Dtube and Dlive and make more tan $100 off the video and do it again and again to promote steem!

Also in Ghana @steem4depor is going to hold a Dance Competition , its gonna be really cool we want to hold a BIG party pay everyone to come and have free food for a whole city at a time!


Wow, all of your ideas are so cool. My head is just lighting up with many more things we could do.

I follow up with your work in Ghana and it is truly impressive what you do for them. Ghanaians are our neighbors and I hope we can do an inter country meet-up soon.

We have been discussing with Steemians in South Africa and if we manage to raise funds we shall be going there as well.

@xpency is part of the @abuja-steem administration and it is just a blessing to have a group of like minded people pushing through to make Nigeria a better place.

@surfyogi has helped us too and all I can do is remember him and his family in my prayers.

This is really amazing how group of steemians organize themselves to support themselves and others in their society. I am optimistic that, the future of steemit is indeed bright.

These are wonderful initiatives. Am proud of you.


Thank you so much. 😊😊😊😊😊

lol good work guys i just have to point out a funny picture with the glowing eyes

ahh good work guys, i left a long comment already

@xpency and @nairadaddy and @samest and @bania will be proud

I can see @xpency has realy introduced a LOT of Abuja People onto steemit!

Nigeria will soon be selling Oil shipments for Bitcoina dn teem

EOS will make Africa more fair ad just with an EOS legal system and local government model to replace unnecessary bureaucracy and corruption

the new Africa is going to be an amazing place of Nature and Technology with one of the youngest fastest growing populations so the whole place is full of massive economic growth and natural resources being efficiently extracted and their value remaining within the local African economy and not simply being extracted from the continent

we will bring robotic farms and big agribusiness technology to efficiently use the equitoiral regions to grow massive mango and cacao and papaya and coconuts and other expensive foods we can then ship outa nd dominate with low prices and high quality foods, we could help africa become a leader in agribusiness and create amazing robotic mining equipment and farming equipment, really have that going ALONG WITh this Social Media Internet IT sector revolution with crypto currency


I can't wait to experience this new era in Africa.

There are a lot of Steemians in Nigeria, we just didn't know, so we managed to locate ourselves and form an umbrella so there would be no lost ones. This was how @abuja-steem was born.

Any Steemian located in Abuja can simply use #abuja and find people within his/her vicinity.

The picture is really funny 😂😊😀. The flash didn't reflect in my eyeballs though. Thank God!

captivating & remarkable!

Greater Heights we are going! I enjoyed every bit of the event from start to finish.

It was nice seeing you today. keep up the good work. @chiama


Thank you very much. It was nice meeting you too 😊


thank you very much, I love your gifs, really cool

enjoying & wonderful!

Steemit is disseminating more than any other social media.People got many benefits here me too.I don't know such a social media in the internet.I am very glad at a time i can make friends and earn money.
I am very happy to seen your meet-up


We thank God for a successful outing. Thank you very much.

significant & fantastic!

delightful & splendid!

Mind Blowing stuff & significant!

extraordinary & pleasing!

splendid & extraordinary!

great & exceptional!

fascinating & extraordinary!

brilliant & enjoying!