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Hello everyone, sharing about steem as recommended on social media platforms was really an amazing creed so as to attract crypto investors and lay grounds for steem being among the top 20.

If individuals can post on social media platforms about what’s happening in their lives and also post about other things then why not post about the steem blockchain on a daily basis too.

There are people who will ignore your posts but when you frequently post and talk about the goodness of steem, trust me they will check it out and get the interest for steem because you know how advantageous the steem blockchain is to an individual.

Well, I have always shared about the steem blockchain and today I also took the initiative to publicize the steem blockchain on my social media pages with the link to @cryptocurator’s post about steem which every steemian is entitled do so as to expose steem to the world.

Below are some of the screenshots and links where I shared to my followers about steem.

Inclusion therefore, I am really obliged to be part of the promo-steem campaign which is to blast the internet with only the steem blockchain and I will always continue with promoting steem.


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great job sir you are doing keep it up


Thanks you so much for appreciating my work @yaseenkamboh

Hi @brayan256!

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Thank you so much @utopian-io for the great support. Regards