One Action Makes A Myriad of Experiences | Satu Aksi Menjadikan Segudang Pengalaman (My Steemit Story)

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Hello Steemian

The various experiences and circumstances that we are facing, there must be a separate solution for us to move. There is a gap as a way out, there are steps and there are opportunities that support us to move far from one step. How we don't realize and learn how to process it every time when we do something. Sometimes one thing we do repeatedly as if we do not have the curiosity of the process that occurs, are we not humans who have the power to remember and think? Each of us should have our own awareness to realize that, because every thing we have done once and twice will be the greatest experience and lesson in our lives.


If we belong to people who are aware of these two things, both experience and lessons from the life we live. We will be careful and ready to do certain jobs and activities. I don't discuss feasibility and comfort in a job but I invite us to understand because we need awareness in doing work. As usual we do daily activities, even repeatedly we repeat the activity. We must pay attention to the process that is going on, if there are certain obstacles we will deal with it only once and don't let us pass it so many times. We are also looking for easy steps and alternative ways to complete all these activities, don't just focus on one method and we must develop the next strategy and planning.



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