Sheffield Promo. A day of promo work OMG I am tired.

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Today started with a bacon sausage and egg baguette.

Then I had a call from my good friend @wrongjohn who said he had the day free I explained to him that I have not done any Promo work for steemit since last year and since it was a nice day I wanted to do a bit of promo work.

Now my idea was to just go door to door with the last few flyers on my own but with having @wrongjohn around it turned into a good day of promo

His Idea was cracking, why not hit the high-end areas such as golf clubs cricket clubs and see if we can get some rich people to join and maybe invest in steem so this is what we did.

4 clubs later and many cars flyered up we finally got some interest of 2 lady golfers (if there is such a thing haha) joking
They asked why I had just put a piece of paper on their car window and I went into the whole blogging and getting paid on steemit thing that I do.

One of the ladies was a housewife and said it would be something she would be interested in as she spends a lot of time on the internet while her husband is at work.

I asked if i could get a photo with her, her response was a funny one, she said once she had read up on steemit when she got home she would have a picture with me and @wrongjohn but until then NO.

We hit a few more golf courses and came to this little one in a posh area of sheffield, @wrongjohn thought it would be funny to get a video of me flyering the best looking car I had seen all day A Ferrari it was a right nice red colour.

and yes @wrongjohn maybe one day I can buy one of these.

after we got back to @wrongjohn's I decided to finish off the rest of the flyers around his neighbourhood here are a few pictures of the day.





A few quick thank yous

  1. @wrongjohn for taking the time to come out with me it was a cracking day with many laughs

  2. @stephenkendal for supplying the t-shirts and flyers, these have been paid for out of his own pocket to help promote steemit.

  3. @starkerz for introducing me to steemit promo-uk if it wasn't for the passion of this guy and the fact that we spent time in Sheffield a few months ago I would never have known about promo

  4. all my followers it's great that you all support me on this great platform. I am nearly at the 500 mark and it is a happy time for me to know that there are so many people who look at my stuff, it's great.

happy steeming guys.

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It was good to be your getaway driver while you tore up the town with your mad promo skillz.


Your on about that guy with the hat who wouldn't take the flyer so I went running after him haha, Lucky for me after the 10 yard dash you pulled up in car to pick me up as I was gasping after that small run hehe

That’s awesome I’d love to promote this at my market in Chicago! Everyone will be so into this.


I have got a promo thing that I have got in the pipeline that I can't really talk about right now, but look out for my next video which I am hoping to have done for next weekend.
With a market you will have loads of people coming through I would get some items printed up and start a promo from there, its good fun and you meet loads of new people.


Sounds good!

Good job on promoting steemit out on the street. We need more people to be aware of, and join this great community.