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Promoting the STEEM blockchain and cryptocurrencies whilst making mischief on the streets!


I am pleased to announce that we have organised a series of events over the coming months with the Social Experimentalist @dannyshine to go and deliver the message of the STEEM blockchain, in a very noisy way, to the streets of some of the UK’s biggest cities.

We like to film these, for your amusement and delight, as you watch private security people pretending to be police officers, and often real police officers, being put in their place by a man with a megaphone and a desire to just tell the truth....oh and promoting the STEEM message in a humorous manner.

We will be explaining to people why they would do well to stop putting their money into the hands of the criminal banking cartels, and instead control their own finances with Cryptocurrency, and we will be giving away FREE STEEM to anyone who wants it!

These events are a great way to bring STEEM and the Steemit platform into the public consciousness, and get more and more people interested in the blockchain, and cryptocurrency in general.


13 March London (disrupting the Chancellors Spring Statement!)
29 March Manchester
12 April Sheffield
26 April Birmingham
17 May Bristol
31 May Brighton
7 June London
21 June Nottingham

If you live close by to any of these places, and want to come along, we would be ever so pleased to see you. We will provide more details as to the exact location as we get closer to the time. If you want to take part, even if it’s just holding up a sign, filming or just being part of the renta-crowd, please let us know!

Danny will also be running some of his awesome workshops, along with some meetups if we can find great local venues in the area. If you live in these areas, please come along and catch up with some super Steemians (it would be great it you could comment and tell us you're up for it!)

Check out some of the past disruption events:

Disrupting Canary Wharf and giving away free STEEM:

Everything is ok....

Giving away STEEM outside the Bank of England:

Disrupting at Starbucks:

Disrupting in Sainsbury’s:

Come and find me @anarcotech, @dannyshine and a bunch of other Steemians at these events.

Remember, everything is OK.....Go back to your jobs...Fiddle around on Facebook....Forget about STEEM, Watch mindless TV.....simply consume until there is no planet left......

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Yes man, I look forward to this, I'll see which ones I can attend and shoot - probably Manchester, Sheffield, possibly Birmingham :)

Perfect. @ashtv has done some filming for #promo-steem team before, and did a whole set of videos for me last year. For anyone who wants a top video guy, here's the man!

It was a pleasure. Thanks for the lovely words dude.

Hi @anarcotech ! My post 10 days ago of the idea of @dannyshine doing a tour became a reality with a plan of action!


Great to see the support from the steemit community here!

Regards, @gold84

Yes, it is becoming a reality. It was interesting that you posted it when you did, because danny and I had been talking about it for a few days just before that. Spooky coincidence.

@anarcotech I believe it can be a bit of coincidence, or its the type of colective thinking the power of the steem blockchain creates!

Regards, @gold84

Yes. perhaps I should have said, spooky synchronicity!

Veery good post

How does a broke anarchist who works on the street with 1000s of rich shy people going past him every day, go about a steem promo in Oslo Norway? I work on the streets since travelling and know how to make a noise, but where and to get the official signs, tshirts, and promo stuff for an event?! Even pens and tshirts would do it, and some big signs. I love crypto since a while and the steem concept since meeting @scandinavianlife and I have the time, energy and love to do a few days of promo, even go to Bergen and Trondheim! Any Norwegian whales, that want to fund it, or would steem itself ?! Thanks! STEEM NEEDS PROMOTING

The great thing is there is nothing official. Please send me your address to [email protected] and I will send you a t-shirt myself. Signs are easy, just do one yourself. All the graphics are available for download at https://promo-steem.com

We also have a system of microloans, which support promoters getting started. These are interest free and can be repaid in the SBD you earn blogging about your promotional experience. Basically, it doesn't cost much to get started.

Wow! Then it can happen! ill mail you later im just on a short wake up to check the markets :)

Just gotta sort out an address :)

No Glasgow? Boooooo

We might add a glasgow date later. I didn't realise you were a glaswegian. It all makes sense now.....

Haha, love this method @anarcotech. I'll be looking forward to see subsequent promo videos from your team. If we all enjoy watching @dannyshine's creative promo strategy, I can imagine the extent of the impact it would have on the people on the scene. You guys have got one of the best strategies I've ever seen. 😀

This would be so funny to watch normal people that have no idea about crypto or steemit would be like WTF..

Thanks @bait002. When it's a lot of fun, and has a massive impact, you just know it's something that has to be done. Danny is a real master of spinning normal social programming out, and us Brits are very good at being socially programmed.

Absolutely true, the Brits used to be here and I can attest to that 😃

LOL bait ... the brits used to be everywhere ; )

For a nation that loves to complain about all things foreign, we sure seem to get around : )

Great! I will be attending the Manchester one.

Fantastic. We'd be very happy to see you. Watch this space for more info.

Me too : ) See you there McKeever.

(you can't miss me - I'm bipedal, probably wearing clothes of some description ... I could potentially be wearing a hat)

Great post.., I really like this post..I respect you sir..keep up the good work.thanks for sharing..@anarcotech

You're welcome. Thanks for the support.

Will see you in Manchester / Sheffield....... would be really great to meet more people on the platform.

Great news. Do you fancy holding a camera too?

Okay....... That's really awesome. Too bad I'm all the way in Africa so it's impossible for me to be there. I'm very interested in your Steemit promotion so I'll be following it up from here.
Kudos @anarcotech

Maybe we will have to come over there! I'm really seriously considering having a bit of a tour around the world at some point, just so I can come and see what's happening in far away places to promote STEEM and the Steemit platform. I have a sense that the lovely people in countries all over Africa are extremely welcoming, and I personally would love to see you all. If the community wants it, I will do it.

If you add a Norwich date I will be there!

Funnily enough, cambridge was originally one of those on the list, but we decided to keep it to bigger cities because although we'd love to do every town and city in the UK, we just can't. Maybe if it's a massive success we will add more though.

I might have a day out to London then to see what's going down

Brilliant. Also, we are a media partner at the London Cryptocurrency show on the 14th April. A bit more info here

This is a very good initiative. I really wish to be part of it but i am close to any of the location. Permit me to start something like this in Nigeria. Crypto is the way forward.

You don't need our permission, just do it...we will support you. A word of warning though. Danny is a master at this, and has been doing it for years and knows exactly how to deal with the "authorities". You have to be careful when dealing with the police. I don't really know what they are like in Nigeria as I've never been there (but I would like to change that), so just be very very careful. Never put yourself in danger, and if you think there is a chance of you being at risk, just DON'T DO IT. You know best your country, but let me tell you, I personally have a lot to learn from Danny about this kind of activity, so I will be letting the master lead. We would hate for someone to try to emulate this and end up getting into some serious trouble. Please please please be careful.

I am new on steemit I am yet to fully understand our it works. Is there a way u can assist me Learn and earn on steemit. I will be ever grateful to you

excellent advice

Woooow! So many ways to create awareness. I totally buy into any ideas you guys raise. You are too good at what you do. I respect you sir!.

Any method that creates awareness is good. This sort of thing really works well because frankly getting some of my countryfolk to pay attention is so difficult sometimes, and there is value in making a big noise. I guess it's not necessarily going to be the same everywhere, and we fully support any initiative that brings the message to the people.

This is totally a good initiative. Once a problem has been identified then we look for ways to solve it and i really love the think outside the boxness you did right there. So much to learn from you on how to create awareness. I will be watching closely sir.

I tell you this events will be great, I wish I could attend but am in Nigeria so far away, really wish I could be there to be part of it, thanks for promoting Steemit, it's really good for all of us on the platform

Wish you could be too. One day you guys will all be crypto millionaires, and will be able to fly around the world doing STEEM stunts!

What a way to promote steemit/steem. I just love the things you do sir.

Thanks @olawalium. We love all kinds of promotional activity, whether it's bonkers and in your face like this stuff, or more sedate. If it spreads the message, we want to see more of it.

Exactly. Different approach for different sets of people. We have a meet up on the 24th too and we have been doing more of in your face and social medias awareness and has been very useful. We wouldn't mind using these approach for people who are not willing to listen at all, because we do have people like that. This is such a great eye opener. Well done sir

Aaaaah, i like this. Your way of promoting steem is fantastic. It's amazing. I should go make noise in my neighbourhood right now. Wait, its night time,my bad .

Yeah, don't do it at night! :)

hii @anarcotech this is the activity that we do on yesterday holiday yesterday, we here also use time off to promote steemit.
hopefully you welcome with my happy post.
thank you


Haha, excellent stuff and what a ballsy thong to do, it certainly had me in stitches.


I would definitely come give some support if you ever came to Norwich in Norfolk.

Had to resteem this as it was just so funny.

Best of luck with your future events.

Wow..its gona be a sweet moment..kindly keep us updated @anarcotech

Nice job, but i have a problem:

My friends when I talk to them about Steemit
When I say: You create money when someone like your post, my friends look at me like this.


These videos are awesome!!! Keep up the disruption. Setting up outside banks....classic :)

Thanks for this great post keep up the good work 👏😎👍⚡♨️

Greatly, i like your post

Wow amazing :D

senang meliat dukungan dari komunitas steemit di sini [email protected] 84

Thank for the information

they called Facebook

Wonderful meetup taking place in the UK

13 March London (disrupting the Chancellors Spring Statement!)
29 March Manchester
12 April Sheffield
26 April Birmingham
17 May Bristol
31 May Brighton
7 June London
21 June Nottingham

With these events, the UK gonna be steem up.
I await more updates

Great job as always! please remember we made a special channel in the Dtube discord called IRL-STEEM-AWARENESS specifically for works In Real Life.. start using to get more exposure guys! :)

This channel is ONLY for promotional videos about the Blockchain that have been Uploaded via @Dtube

Thanks @leotrap. i will take a look at this.

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up vote and re steam

Wow... I must Confess I like this.... Cool bro,
I am anticipating for this.. I will see if i can be in attendance and shoot - may be Bristol or Brighton

We are ready to make steemit rock

you people are doing great job by arranging events like promo-steem. it will definitely take steem to new high. All the best for your all events in uk. Keep sharing as sharing give motivation. @anarcotech

Ilginc mis gercekten :) ama denenmeleli turkiyedede :)

Please guide me to be good steemian.i'm newby in steemit

a unique and steady way of promoting steemit. salute the same who did it

?what will you do at your events Will you live stream anyqhere?

This is just too creative, I really like this!
Well done Sir! How can one describe this selfless act?

Verry good post

Wow great promotion. it is really amazing job.

The main secret of keeping the fun is to not let trifles disturb us, and at the same time appreciate those little pleasures that fall to our lot.

Hey all,

If anyone from Preston is going to the Manchester event by car, I'd love to carpool and am happy to pitch in for the petrol... I have difficulty using the trains due to the bustle and noise (Autism)

Very nice. love this post. Thank you keep it up

I'm always interested in what you do danny. It's very interesting to see some of the reactions of some people.
Some interesting talking points.
And you are a master of staying calm. Remember count to 30.

Wow!. Im glad you will be taking Steemit promotion to another level. I love what your are doing. Keep up the good job. Im also a lover of steem promotion.