You can make this year count, it is not too late.

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Hello Steemians, image

For days now, I have not been that consistent like I used to on steemit, Before, I engaged in a lot meaningful comments which have reduced these days, though activities on steemit have also reduced drastically. I knew a number of people that I followed but couldn't see their content these days, so I guess many has left or lay low, maybe, because of the dip in steem price., Man has to go about to make is daily bread which is very imperative, as we all know that health is wealth and without food man hardly survived. I had to go about some primary assignments related to my work as a Teacher; (not fully engaged) which really took my time and also the preparation for camp; after years in university, I believe it is good to serve one's country even though there are reasons why one could wish not to, but the best is, striving to make a difference even when things seem not to be working perfectly as one has presumed or expected.

Is today not the 16th day in the month of July? Yes, it is. That means 182 out of the of 365 days in the year[2018] is gone. You might want to ask is that really correct? Yes, It is absolutely correct, time wait for no man. Most especially when you owned someone and you have promised to pay at year ends, panic as set in if you couldn't meet up.

As I think about this, I realised once again that time and life waits for no one and it's good to make hay while the sun shine and who knows the time one has more on earth. We must be sure to anticipate death since it is inevitable cos it will really help us in no small measure to know what to do with our life when we are still living and that we shouldn't wait for future that is yet to come which may not be certain because anything can happens at anytime since death wait for no man nor seek our permissions before carrying out Its operation.
One might think one's would grow old but it is just a wish[hope] and hope is not a grain of sand that could be picked up by road side.

Before you know what's up, 2018 is over and you are left with little or no results. May that not be my portion and yours. Before you say amen, remember every passing seconds, minutes, hours days, years; Time is going and you need to make the best of it.

Don't even wait for the perfect time because there isn't one, before you start something meaningful. If you are wait for the perfect time, you might have to wait forever. Because the perfect time might never come.

So, stand up to the task and make the year count.

I'm taken a break not holiday.

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