Project Newbie - 1 day statistics and some incentive to get more Finders and Curators to the project

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Ever since the creation of the #projectnewbie channel on we have had 8 entries so far.
This account has started commenting on the verified accounts since 3 comments ago.

Some simple steps for users to activate themselves with #projectnewbie and earn rewards.

  1. Finders Rewards: See a valid/verified introduction post, link it to #projectnewbie channel or in the daily statistics posts like this one, if you are the first to do so and we curate (comment and verify on the post) you get a Finders Reward just for having linked it. This is 75% of the full weekly Rewards (70$D)
  2. If you want to curate on posts you can become a Curator by contacting me, if you have gained any trust on Steemit from before it will make it easier for me to trust you with @projectnewbie's posting key and you can comment on a verified account with it and get a curation reward. 25% of full weekly Rewards (70$D)

After this week the rewards for Finders and Curators will consist of all SD this account has managed to collect from the previous week through posts/updates/comments.

So far its only been me and a couple other Steemers Finding and Curating so will skip the Reward statistics for now. DM me on if you need to know.

If this is the first time you hear about @projectnewbie, this is the announcement post. If you want to help welcoming verified newcomers, follow this accounts comments. Its as easy as that.

On the channel all active posts will remain on the "Pinned Messages" tab for curators to easily find them.

PS! Still looking for an artist to create a picture/logo for the project to be used on these posts, maybe even a smaller one to be added to the comments. 20$D reward. Thank you, the current one is making my eyes bleed.


Started following you. When I have free time I'd give it a shot as Finder, I guess. Some time soon will hop on the rocket chat channel.

Keep it up! This is a great incentive. I'm glad you're only rewarding the most valid/verified intro posts. I'll be sure to link you guys up when I come across the best intros :)