Milkbox Guide: How to do a search #3 🔎


In order to continue guiding the community, today we bring our second search guide 🔎

Every week, we will be presenting a simple guide that can help you in those moments where you can lose control amidst the angst.

Finding a lost pet!

Deciding to have a pet is, undoubtedly, an act of responsibility; it is not just about having a tender ball of hair; It is a living being that needs us, also needs basic care, as well as love and understanding. For many people having a pet is synonymous with having a child. But what to dowhen it get lost?.

✔️ Be calm, in the midst of despair people often do not think clearly.

✔️ Pets usually do not go very far, they are used to being close to their comfort zone.

✔️ Ask your close neighbors for help. A bigger amount of people seek can reach greater effectiveness.

✔️ If after 24 hours, you cannot find your pet, go to the organizations in your area that are responsible for supporting families in this type of situation.

✔️ Social networks are a great ally. Use them properly.

When deciding to have a pet, remember to keep it identified. In case of losst it will be easier to find him or her.

If you have some other suggestions about what affected people can do in those cases, do not hesitate to write them in the comments 💬 and, thus, you will receive rewards. 💰

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