Hi @edgarare1

How did you even find this post? :) I thought that it's quite well "hidden" lol :)

Cheers, Piotr

Hello @coach.piotr

Well, now steemit is public .. everyone knows everything lol..

Somebody resteemed your post. So, I read everything and it seems to me very important, So, I resteemed as well..!!!

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Wow. So people do actually check resteemed post sometimes @edgarare1 :)

hola me encantaria participar pero cual seria la funcion escribir sobre cryptomonedas si me gustaria ganar algo de steem semanal algo un poco mas fijo por un tiempo..
espero pueda obtener una positiva respuesta saludos y bendiciones

Hello again @coach.piotr I read @mariluna ‘s comment in Spanish and she is asking you something...!!! She wants to get some steem weekly and wants to write about crypto’s .. and waiting for some response ..!!!

I guess your content was private just for those guys mentioned in your post.. Sorry about that, somebody resteemed and now is really public..

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Dear @edgarare1

I guess your content was private just for those guys mentioned in your post..

yeah hahaha. I guess this post is no longer very private lol. Definetly I cannot help @mariluna

Thx for that translation.

hello friends sincerely I do not know much of cryptomonedas I only work with steemit hehejejjeje but very grateful to you there is no other kind of work that I can perform virtual assistant and I get paid in steem this is my wapsap number greetings from venezuela me with 15 weekly steem I do something hehehehe
my number is +5804267142425 here in my country as a professional I have put in curricula for work but still nothing and now with these electric blackouts the country is almost paralyzed ..

Dear @mariluna

I'm afraid I cannot help you. This post is directed to very small group of people I know for very long time and who are familiar with blockchain technology. There is nothing I could do to help you I'm afraid.


Hola @mariluna, @coach.piotr ya respondió, el menciona tal y como dice en el post que este proyecto es solamente para las personas etiquetadas en el. Ya que ellos tienen tiempo de escribir acerca de tecnología, cryptography, y cadena de bloques. No es un trabajo para reclutar. No te desanimes ya habrá algo nuevo.

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a ok esta bien amigo gracias por todo jejejejeje bueno esperemos se aperturen mas posibilidades de empleo hasta los momentos solo conozco steemit y hay que lucharle bastante para ganar 4 dolares a la semana no se que mas hacer pensaba irme del pais pero no es mucho lo que he podido ahorrar yo centavo que agarro es para comprar comida saludossssy bendiciones para ti @edgarare1

Hola mi querida @mariluna

Deje un pequeño obsequio en tu billetera. Espero ayudarte en algo.

Abrazos desde Mexico...


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hola amigo recibido jejejeje muchas gracias Dios te bendiga y te multiplique esa bendicion que me enviaste
abrazos desde Venezuela...

Maria Eugenia::

espero te guste amigo saludos.

Dear @edgarare1

I hope you dont mind that I will downvote this comment? It's just I would like few more "quality" comments be on top of this discussion since I'm planning to show it soon to our little "investor" (friend of mine who decided to put 300$ into project #hope).


Hello @crypto.piotr

That´s ok my friend, don´t worry about that... go ahead

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