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First being reported on this West Coast Milblog, Russia has lost Africa. One development that’s been overlooked in Western media with the assassination of Prigozhin and Putin’s return to Moscow, not to mention Wagner being classified as a terrorist organization, Russia has lost Africa.

Before the Wagner mutiny, Russia maintained Wagner’s presence in Africa, helping to spark military coups as they hoped to establish the Confederation of African States. This was to be a masterpiece of Putin’s reign establishing a political corridor from the Atlanta Ocean to the Arabian Sea. Only with Prigozhin’s untimely death and the loyalty of this organization now in question, this dream has turned to dust.

We are also witnessing the deterioration of China’s Belt and Road initiative, once thought of as a new vision for a new millennium. Yet already at the G-20 this week, India along with partners in the Middle East are building a new pathway for energy trade keeping their interests secure and the West involved.

So as the 2020’s began Russia and China did their best to become the world’s dominate players by pressing on neutral nations who have looked to the U.S. for guidance since the end of World War II hostilities. They did their best to sale themselves as a new fresh partner for a new era in civilization as if they held the keys to the future.

Now by all accounts these promises are falling short. While China and Russia try to brand themselves as a revitalized Empires, they fail to recognize that doesn’t message well when you’re painting the competition as having imperialistic ambitions. The supposed strength of authoritarianism, its strong central leadership, struggles to build coalitions. Even a friendship without limits sees two nations trying to expand their territories by force and intimidation while a large border region for economic development goes to waste.

As mentioned above, Russia is doomed in Africa because of the Wagner mutiny. Yet even more damaging to them and China is the acceptance of the African Union into the G20. Once again lies have been exposed through the competition of financial committees like BRICS and G20. While China and Russia have been working in the shadows to influence Africa through development; G20 has welcomed the entire African continent as the decision maker for its future.

We must wait to see what China and Russia decide to do next while we should be looking for the aggressive nature of the poor sport. The United Nations and other global institutions have been created to ensure safety and prosperity for all. China and Russia seem to be trying to subvert it under their control and have been for years. If they could develop something better then even the United States would join in. Too bad for the Global South, it’s all to clear China and Russia want world domination.

So of course, it would be in Africa where this rebuke would originate from because Black Lives Matter. The promise of a new world order that serves under represented countries taught to hate the West by Russia and China who say they want to upset the current status quo becomes what it was intended not to be before even materializing.

That’s because the freedoms those nations hope to repress has the effect of rapid evolution. Freedom allows ideas to come and go. They can be borrowed and applied. So while Russia and China want to dictate their visions of the future on not only people in their country, but also abroad; America allows all countries to have their own visions for their future as long as we can all agree on shared responsibilities of global stewardship.

Look at China’s rapid rise in economic development bolstered by Russia’s whispers in their ears going to their heads as they start to claim territory outside official boundaries. Rearranging of investments shifts this new power to India and along with it the Global South and Africa where China had hoped to continue its influence.

Now they are being put in check because of their decisions that seem out of character for a nation with such a wise history. America and its allies can go along with the balance that’s created because of it. Yet China and Russia are unhappy and want to combat this through threats of violence and that’s why they’re losing this new confrontation again.

Another unforeseen development in international affairs is the release of Starfield. It has taken the wind out of Russia and China’s sails. Right now players from all over the world can experience first hand the true purpose for all human endeavor, space travel.

Obviously, China and Russia didn’t develop this game. They would never allow their general population this freedom of expression and exploration. And that’s where we stand once again as the War in Ukraine grinds on.

Thank you,
Cyrus Emerson

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